Draped in Tradition: Exploring South Indian Saree Brands for Every Occasion

Whether it's a Kanjeevaram saree from Tamil Nadu or a Kasavu Saree from Kerala, South Indian sarees never fail to impress with their elegance and intricacies.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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An Indian Nari’s trousseau is incomplete without including a saree from the South. We have compiled a list of the best South Indian saree brands so you can choose a fit for yourself. 

The six yards in India are diverse in material and origin. Whether it's a religious occasion or a casual party, a saree can never go wrong. With ample options to choose from in terms of materials and embroideries, we've curated a selection that every woman would love to have in her wardrobe. Explore the South Indian saree brands to add stunning pieces to your saree collection.

1. Kanjeevaram Saree from House of Vardha 

house of vardha

One of the most well-known and elegant treasures from Tamil Nadu in the south has to be the Kanjeevaram or Kanchipuram saree. Mostly worn during weddings and special occasions, this saree is the epitome of grace. To add them to your collection check out the sarees from House of Vardha. Especially noteworthy are the Muve Wine Golden Zari Kanjeevaram Silk Saree, beautifully woven with integrated geometric detailed buttees on the body, and floral panel and leaf-shaped buttees on the pallu. Similarly, the Mustard Yellow Copper-Silver Zari Kanjeevaram Silk Saree stands out for its detailed lined flower-shaped silver-copper buttees on the body, and thick zari work design on the border as well as the pallu.

2. Mysore Silk Saree from Sundari Silks


Coming from the state of Mysore, these silk sarees are known for their zari work. Mostly made with crepe silk and embroidered with golden zari, these sarees can make a special place in your wardrobe. Check out the tie and dye saree collection from Sundari Silks for a unique take on sarees and if you want to go for the traditional look, stripes or chevron designs can always be a safe pick. 

3. Chettinad Saree from Shrus 


Predominantly woven in the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu, Chettinad Sarees are a classic find for vibrant colours and unique designs. Check out the lovely collection of contrasting colours with intricate patterns from Shrus featuring various shades like peacock green, orange, peachy pink, dusky onion and many others with a golden border printed with delicate motifs.

4. Kasavu Saree from Villvam 


Kasavu sarees are woven from pure cotton and are usually off-white or cream-coloured with a golden border. These sarees come from the south Indian state of Kerala and so are famous by the name of Kerala Sarees. Kusavu refers to the zari (gold thread) used in the border. The beautiful pairing of white or cream with a golden border can be bought from Villvam as they host some exquisite collections. 

5. Gadwal Saree from Kankatala


Gadwal Sarees are from the Gadwal region in Telangana. The unique thing about these sarees is the interlockings or joints during weaving. They are both comfortable and resplendent as they are a combination of silk and cotton sometimes. Check out these Gadwal sarees from Kankatala with crafted Kuttu borders and pallus. While some have a typical checkered pattern, some are woven with beautiful little designs. 

6. Pochampally Silk Saree from Weave Sarees 


These sarees are an impeccable example of craftsmanship and intricacy. Coming from Telangana they primarily use the 'Paagadu Bandhu' or Ikat style of dyeing which makes them stand out. The vibrant and diverse collection of Weave Sarees is worth checking out. Pink Checks Pochampally Ikkat Silk Saree can pick your interest. And if you want to go for pop colours the Pochampally Ikkat Silk Green With Purple Color Saree can be an option. 

7. Dharamavaram Saree from Avishya 


Dharmavaram sarees, which are sometimes confused with Kanjeevaram, are crafted from handwoven fabrics using mulberry silk and zari. The Andhra Pradesh saree style is created by hand and is a lighter version of Kanjeevaram. The Dharmavaram Jacquard Silk Saree collection from Avishya is a must-check out for some solid colours, floral prints or a combination of both. 

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