Namakwali: Handcrafted Salt from Uttarakhand Seals the Deal on Shark Tank India S3!

In the world of processed salts, the brand came up with an innovative idea and upheld the traditional means of preparing handmade salts with the fusion of flavours, Namakwali steals a mind-blowing deal in Shark Tank India Season 3.

Aditi Nag
New Update

Salt is a daily essential, yet the idea of a brand specializing in both traditional salt and flavored varieties may seem unusual. 'Namakwali' recognized a strong desire to provide people with products that offer both purity and flavor.

Founded by Shashi Bahuguna Raturi and Suvendu Raturi in 2018, Namakwali emerged from the vision of women empowerment through social media. The company has since evolved into a brand that encapsulates the essence of Uttarakhand's traditional salt, locally known as 'pisyu loon.' This flavorful salt, ground using a 'silbatta' or grinding stone in households across Uttarakhand, has become the cornerstone of Namakwali's journey.


It all began with just two women. Namakwali initially operated through an Instagram account, where their unique salt quickly gained attention and attracted orders from across India. In 2020, recognizing the growing demand and positive responses, Namakwali officially registered as a brand. Their products, including the prized 'pisyu loon,' are now available on Amazon and their website.

Expanding beyond salt, Namakwali ventured into promoting the purity of organic mountain produce, featuring staples like Rajma and Gahet pulses, Pahadi Masalas, Haldi, and more. The company strives to bring the freshness and purity of mountain delicacies to every household while providing employment opportunities for local women.

With a commitment to environmental conservation, Namakwali allocates a portion of its revenue to tree plantation initiatives during the Harela festival, a local celebration in Uttarakhand dedicated to planting trees. This multi-faceted approach reflects Namakwali's dedication not only to quality products but also to social empowerment, environmental sustainability, and the broader vision of sharing the authentic flavors of the mountains with the world.

Experience in Shark Tank

The founder initiated a pitch of 50 lakh for 5% equity. After further discussions and negotiation regarding terms and investment funding, a revised deal was proposed by Amit Jain, the CEO & Co-founder of CarDekho: 10 lakh for 5% equity and 40 lakh in 8% debt spread over 3 years. Subsequently, the deal was closed on the same terms. Shashi Bahuguna Raturi described the experience at Shark Tank as warm and overwhelming, truly humbling. The sharks commended us for educating them about Devbhoomi and its culture, as well as our commitment to women's empowerment through Namakwali. It was a moment of validation and encouragement that reaffirmed our mission and inspired us to continue making a positive impact.



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