Shark Tank India S3: From Office Boy to Entrepreneur, Dadasaheb's Design Template Bags the Deal

Dadasaheb Pandurang Bhagat, an office boy in Pune, secures a deal from Aman Gupta in the latest episode of Shark Tank India Season 3. Keep scrolling to read the story!

Aditi Nag
New Update

Design Template" is a brand based in Pune, founded by Dadasaheb Pandurang Bhagat. They offer a diverse range of motion graphics templates, meticulously crafted illustrations, and captivating music footage tailored to meet the needs of content creators, marketers, and businesses alike.

Dadasaheb, formerly an office boy, aims to build a sustainable business. He pursued his education until the 10th grade in Bid, a remote village in Maharashtra, and initially found employment as a factory worker before transitioning to an office assistant role. With a passion for design since childhood, he learned landscape painting from a local artist in the village. His journey from an office boy to a designer was unique: starting as an office assistant, he gradually transitioned into pursuing design. Dadasaheb observed a common trend in the design industry—a lack of uniqueness in event invitations, whether for weddings or birthdays. To bring dynamism to the industry, he established the brand "Design Template.


Experience in Shark Tank

The initial proposal was for 2.5% equity in exchange for INR 1 Crore. With a vision to expand the business in the current competitive market and secure a good investor, the brand aimed to focus on its potential needs rather than its valuation. This approach made it easier to close the deal. Eventually, Aman Gupta, Co-founder of boAt, offered an altered deal of 10% equity for INR 1 Crore. However, the deal was finalized at the same terms, and the brand secured the funding. Dadasaheb Bhagat also mentioned, "Initially, I was nervous about the pitch as it was a new experience. The sharks were very kind and humble; they provided a lot of help throughout the journey. After appearing on Shark Tank, we realized that our business was still in its initial stage and would require many changes. We needed a team to handle scalability and expertise in marketing, distribution, and cost management. Eventually, after returning from Shark Tank, we hired our Co-founder, Harish Mahamoore. The overall experience was overwhelmingly warm and full of learning."


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