These Indian road safety companies ensure you have a safe ride.

Indian companies have taken the onus to provide equipment for road safety with products like thermoplastic road markings, to variable message signs and more.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Alongside safety gear for riders, road safety equipment is also necessary to prevent mishaps. Here are a few road safety companies in India that offer various protective measures.

In a country where roads are among the busiest modes of transport, accidents are prone to occur. Sometimes, these accidents happen due to the negligence of riders, while at other times, they result from inadequate safety measures. There is a pressing need to prevent such situations and ensure that roads are safe for both riders and passersby. This is where road safety companies come into play, offering safe and innovative products to prevent mishaps.

1. Prismoline 


Prismoline is one of the country's leading manufacturers and exporters of thermoplastic materials used for road safety. They manufacture Thermoplastic Road Markings, Reflectometer and Marking Machine. 

2. Envoys 


Envoys helps with Traffic Management Systems. Their Variable Message Signs (VMS) units display safety messages and measures to take while driving.   

3. Milan Safety


Milan Safety offers Corner Pillar Guards, Convex Mirrors, Traffic Safety Barricades, Speed Breakers and other Road Safety Equipment. 

4. Ladwa Solutions 


Ladwa Solutions is a road safety products manufacturer. They deal in Safety Equipment, Industrial Safety Equipment, Security Equipment, Barrication & Retro Reflective Signages.

5. Frontier Traffic Safety 


Frontier deals in common and specialised road safety products such as Hexacore Polybump Speed Bump, Dominator Barrier, Corner Guards, Anti Glare Screen and many others. 

6. Novanative Plastix Solutions 


Novanative Plastix Solutions supplies Prima Plastic Speed Breaker and Prima Road Safety Cones that help in speed control and area marking. 

7. Metro Moulding Industries 


Metro Moulding Industries provides Road Barriers Pannel, Traffic Cone Light Bases and other safety equipment. 

8. D G Road Safety 


Crash Barrier, Thrie Beam Crash Barrier and Road Marking Paints are the products in which D G Road Safety stands out. 

9. Protector Fire Safety


Protector Fire Safety provides with Fencing Boom Barrier Gate, Trolly Wheel Chock which is placed to prevent vehicle movement and set the brakes, Anti Skid Tapes and many other products.

10. Universal Enterprises 


Universal Enterprises is a company that deals with Road Studs, Barricade Caution Tape, Median Marker, Reflective Tapes and other products. 

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