Here's Where you can Get your Hands on Some Trendy Resin Jewellery

An elegant piece of jewellery can be a reflection of personality and style, often holding sentimental value. Dainty jewellery pieces made with resin are the trend and here are some brands we recommend you check out!

Aditi Nag
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When it comes to elevating your outfits, nothing does the trick better than jewellery. Jewellery is more than just adornment; it's a reflection of personality and style, often holding sentimental value. Resin jewellery was introduced during the pandemic when a lot of creators started curating DIY items. 

What is Resin Jewellery

First, let's learn what is resin. Resin is a synthetic material that can be combined with other objects to create many different types of art. It's known for its ability to encapsulate various elements like flowers, glitter, or even small trinkets, and adding personalized touches to each piece. From vibrant statement necklaces to delicate earrings, resin jewellery offers a modern and artistic flair to any outfit. Resin jewellery has come to stay. They're versatile and trendy accessories crafted from resin (a durable and glossy material). 

Local Samosa brings a ton of recommendations of brands that provide hand-crafted resin jewellery. These pieces can be a good choice for yourself or as a gifting option.

Resin by Mahi


Resin by Mahi is a small, home-grown brand that provides handcrafted resin jewellery. They offer a variety of trending jewellery including resin-encased flowers from wedding varmalas and the first flower you received from someone special. You can pick up bracelets, pendants, earrings, rings and more pieces. This brand also provides other products like bookmarks, coasters, keychains and more.

Leafy Affair


Leafy Affair is a brand that was seen in Shark Tank India India S2. Leafy Affair offers a ton of beautiful floral jewellery capsulized in resin. These botanical-fashioned jewellery made with seeds, flowers and leaves are perfect for the season. You can explore the range of jewellery featuring pendants, broaches, rings, bracelets and many more options to discover and try. Other than jewellery, Leafy Affair offers hampers for special occasions like birthdays and Mother's Day. You can also check their collection which has a range of paper weights, resin combs and other gift items.



Elnorah offers resin jewellery made with pressed and dried flowers. They have a range of products that include traditional jhumkas, floral earrings, rings and bracelets. Their yellow sunflower pendant, encased in resin to captivate its refreshing floral essence—is a dainty piece of jewellery that's perfect for adding a dash of sunshine to your look. This brand has a collection of matching jewellery sets that you can check out. 



myBageecha is a nature-inspired brand that offers resin jewellery and many other gifting items. It is an online garden store that has many more products to explore and try. The brand comes with a tagline saying 'Reconnect with Nature.' The brand was established in 2016. myBageecha, is nestled at Kuchaman house, in a quiet lane in Ahmedabad. The brand promises to provide 100% natural items encased in resin. They have jewellery items like pendants, earrings and many more.

roSa Artistry


Rosa Artistry is a popular brand that offers resin jewellery. Their collection is wide and just unique. They provide customised resin jewellery curated with real botanicals. They encase memories in their jewellery by encapsulating wedding flowers, pictures or anything that is close to your heart and wish to keep with you lifelong. With the tagline 'When fashion meets flowers', the brand is keen on offering a hand-crafted collection that includes pendants earrings, bracelets and an array of gorgeous pieces you can try.



Lili Origin is one of the popular brands that deal in resin jewellery. They have a good range of both metal and resin jewellery. From statement jewellery in gold, silver and stones to floral resin jewellery, their collection is massive. The pouch and mismatch sun moon earrings and white leaf resin earrings are some of their newly launched products. Some unique collections of jewellery can also be found here like threaded bracelets and earrings made from fabrics.



Kishan, born to a carpenter, was working in the corporate sector and started making resin tables with the help of his brother Gopi. However the idea wasn't successful. After many trials, they started making resin jewellery. Foral hoops, rings and jewellery sets they deal in various jewellery. The chrysanthemum bracelet is something you can pick and pair with a simple dress or a top. The brand has collaborated with two brands that ventured into scented candles and tarnish-free jewellery. Explore the exquisite collection of OWWN IT and check them out.

Spill the Teal


This is a Bengaluru-based brand that supports sustainability. Spill the Teal is a homegrown brand that deals in exquisite collections of resin jewellery. It has a variety of designs like abstract faces with plum blossoms, miniature lotuses captured in a resin droplet and many more. If you love art and paintings you can try this Pantone Van Gogh starry night ring. Apart from jewellery they also have an array of bookmarks, ashtrays, keychains and many more.

Plume Resine


Plume Resine has a charming collection of handcrafted resin jewellery. Their Instagram handle has vibrant collections from charm bracelets to personalized letter jewellery. You can try your name initials engraved as resin pendants or opt for simple floral jewellery dried and pressed in resin. Aurora in red and blue is one of the must-have 

The crescent moon lavender earrings can be something you can add to your jewellery collection. You can head over to their Instagram feed or visit their website to explore their newly launched collection.

Source is a homegrown jewellery brand. Whether it's a picture or an embed featuring neatly placed flower petals encased, you're sure to stumble upon the perfect resin jewelry pick right here. You can explore their collection to find your favorites. The Tree of Life, a crescent moon necklace, the Queen Anne’s lace ring, and the aster necklace are some elegant pieces you can check out. From dainty necklaces to minimalist rings, you can try everything that excites you.

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