Prepare your wardrobe with these Pre-Winter Fashion essentials

Light winter demands clothing that provides a little warmth and comfort without the bulky winter wear. These are some items for this season.

Ishita Ghosh
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Pre winter

Winter is the season to explore and experience. But what about early winters? When the weather is a bit uncertain, you need something light. Keep reading to find out how to ace your pre-winter fashion game.

The beginning of the winter season has a very soothing and calm atmosphere where you are experiencing the cool breeze while still being in the essence of summer. You don't need your heavy sweaters and jackets but something lighter for this weather. Here are 7 items for your pre-winter fashion looks.

1. Full Sleeve Dresses


Dresses are always in fashion. Whatever the season is, dresses never go out of style. However, during light winter, maxi dresses and full-sleeve dresses are quite trendy. They provide the required warmth during this time. Check out Ketch .

2. Scarves


Scarves are quite important during this season. They protect you from the cold and also act as a fashionable accessory. They are available in various colours and patterns. Check out ahujasons.

3. Jeans 


Although jeans are perfect for any season, they are quite a must-have during this time. Be it mom jeans, boyfriend or bootcut, these are found in every wardrobe. Check out Limeroad.

4. Shrugs


Shrugs are generally worn over tops and dresses. These are half-sleeved or full-sleeved. They are quite fashionable and lightweight which is a requirement of the season. Check out Colorauction.

5. Sweater Dresses

Sweater Dress

Sweater dresses are lightweight, stylish and comfortable. You can pair them with tights and boots to give your outfit a trendy look. They are usually worn at knee length. Check out Newme.

6. Long Skirts


Long skirts come in different forms like maxi skirts, pencil skirts, wrap skirts and others. These are suitable for every occasion from casual to formal. They fall between the knee and ankle. Check out Cilory

7. Pantsuit


These are matching sets of jackets and trousers. A pantsuit is usually worn for formal events but they are very elegant and give a sharp look for any occasion. You can go with solid colours or strips. Check out Powersutra.

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