Pop and Chill with these popsicle brands in India

From sorbet popsicles to fruit pops and from vegan options to sugar-free choices, we have got you popsicle brands this summer to retreat and refresh.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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popsicle brands in India

The summer heat is gearing up to hit us hard, and before we all melt, we're all in search of a companion to help us stay refreshed in this merciless heat. What better way to satisfy our cravings for something cool and invigorating than with an ice-chilled pop? Picture yourself walking in the scorching heat, holding a popsicle in one hand with your favorite flavor, and enjoying the summer retreat. Well, hop on board because we've got some super cool popsicle brands for you to try this summer. 

1. Whip Up Magic 


Let’s all relive childhood memories with a brand that was started by parents. Whip Up Magic has some cherishing fruit pops for people of every age group. If you are a child, they have the Mini Lollipop Pops and Jelly combo and if you are an adult they have popsicles with flavours like mango, strawberry, pineapple and orange with some combos like strawberry-lychee as well. You can even try their fruit milk pops for creamy feels and zero sugar pops for a healthier version. That's not it if you want to indulge in a fun activity while enjoying your candy, you can also check out their DIY popsicle kit. 

2. Koozies 

koozies ice pops

If you are a vegan and still want to have an ice-pop, Koozies has got you covered. Their popsicles with different options like Orange, Salted Caramel Protein, Belgian Choco Protein and Raspberry are made with real fruit juices and tanginess. Flavours like Salted Caramel Protein and Belgian Choco Protein can be consumed by diet-conscious people as well. 

3. Little Loco Pops 

little loco pops

Little Loco Pops brings a merry fusion of popsicle flavours. They have a range of fruity flavours; Watermelon, Kiwi, Jamun, Chilli, Berries, Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Sitafal, Cocoberry, Double Chocolate Brownie, Ginger Honey Tea and even pairing of flavours with each other. Their fruit-filled collection has real fruit pieces inside the pops, which makes them even more enjoyable. 

4. Anjuna Ice Pops 

anjuna pops

Anjuna Pops gives us one more reason to love Goa during summer. The brand that originates from the land of beaches has a delightful range of popsicles. You can try out their Blueberry - Lavender, Chocolate -Mint, Raspberry - Litche, Mango Lassi, Coffee -Hazelnut from different flavours they offer along with a choice of dips like dark, white and milk chocolate and toppings like roasted coconut, lyophilized raspberry, pineapple and others. The most unique part about them is they have a special popsicle made for dogs which is sugarless, and contains peanut butter, banana and water, all served on a smaller stick. They claim that these ice pops are vet-approved. 

5. GO DESi

godesi pops

GO DESi gives us all the chills with its tantalizing range of ice pops. Mind you, these are the 'chuskis' that we all used to have in our childhood. With flavours such as Masala Cola, Truly Mango, Very Berry and Tangy Imli, you are all set to visit your bachpan ki yaadein with the flavours and packaging. 

6. Frutteto by Mother Nature

Frutteto by Mother Nature is a popsicle brand dedicated to kids' indulgence. The brand claims that its pops have no refined sugars or artificial substances and you have the option to choose from flavours like Banana & Apricot, Peach & Pear, Orange, Lemon & Apple and Peach & Mango. Their products are even vegan and gluten-free as the brand says. 

7. Tangelo


Tangelo serves popsicles cum sorbets as their range of Sorbet Popsicles is slushy and refreshing. The flavours of Jamun, Alphonso Mango, Pink Guava, Mixed Berries, Pineapple, Raspberry, Strawberry and Blueberry with thick and fruity consistency will give you all the summer vibes. 

8. Frozen Sippin Pops 

frozen sippin pops

What better than sipping on the frozen pops that come in diverse flavours? If you are looking for another option in pop lollies, then Frozen Sippin Pops can be your find. The flavours of Strawberry, Orange, Blue Lagoon, Guava, Jeeri Meeri, Green Apple, Kala Khatta, Mango, Mojito and Litchi are sure to come to your rescue in this cruel heat. 

9. Go Sugar 

zero sugar pops

Go Sugar fruit pops are here for the health enthusiasts and people who prefer guilt-free indulgence. All the flavours like Tropical Mango, Sriracha Jamun, Valencia Orange and Spicy Guava come with no added sugar, no added colours or preservatives as the brand claims. 

10. NOTO 

noto pops

Another brand of no-sugar pops is NOTO. They serve various flavours like Strawberry, Orange, Kala Jamun, Pina Colada and Mango Coconut made with real fruits as mentioned by the brand. To make it juicy and tangy, they add lemon juice and salt to their popsicles. 

11. Get-A-Whey 

get a whey

Get your ice pop cravings sorted from Get-A-Whey's flavourful yet sugarless range. With flavours like Orange, Cola Blast, Tender Coconut Litchi, Guava Chilli, and Strawberry Raspberry, you will not regret your decision. They claim that their products are only made using water and the flavors a particular ice pop comes in, making them a vegan option. 

12. Sooper Dooper 

sooper dooper ice pops

Sooper Dooper claims to be India's first premium ice pop brand. They come in a variety of 10 different flavours like the Orange Sunshine, Berry Blast, Pineapple Punch, Tango Mango, What A Kala Khata, Double Bubble, Very Blueberry and I am Passionate.

13. Skippi 

skippi pops

Almost everybody is aware of this Shark Tank sensation. They became quite popular when they appeared on Shark Tank India and since then they have been in the eyes with their ice pops. You can check out their assorted flavoured ice pops with flavours like Raspberry, Orange, Mango Twist, Bubblegum, Cola, Lemon and desi flavours like Kala Khatta, Rose, Jaljira, Imli, Chilli Guava and Aam Panna. 

14. Licksters 


This is another brand on the list that was featured on Shark Tank India. Licksters started with just 6 Flavours of Popsicles and today their range includes more than 30 flavours of Fruit Pops, Ice Cream Pops & Greek Yogurt Pops. Some flavours worth highlighting are Triple Treat Unicorn, Biscoff Bloss, Paan, Kiwi and Orange. 

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