NODWIN Gaming acquires Comic Con India

NODWIN Gaming's Acquisition of Comic Con India Blends Gaming, Esports and Youth Pop Culture.

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nodwin gaming and comic con india

In a recent move esports and gaming company NODWIN Gaming acquired Comic Con India - a multiple pop cultural festival host company.

NODWIN Gaming, the front-runner in South Asia's esports and gaming industry, has taken a significant step by acquiring Comic Con India, a company famous for hosting multiple pop cultural festivals targeting youth in India. This acquisition not only diversifies NODWIN Gaming's youth portfolio but also marks a strategic expansion in the global entertainment landscape. 

As part of this transaction, NODWIN Gaming will acquire 100% of the shares of Comic Con India at a valuation of INR 55 Crore through a combination of cash and share swap from the founders of Comic Con India - Jatin Varma and Karan Kalra. They will continue and remain to operate the business as part of NODWIN Gaming. This acquisition is particularly noteworthy as the managing team at Comic Con India will also become shareholders in NODWIN Gaming by swapping Rs. 27.5 Crores of their Comicon India shares with NODWIN shares. 


Jatin Varma, Founder of Comic Con India stated “For more than a decade, we have worked tirelessly to build a unique space in India for promoting and celebrating popular culture. And with that goal in mind, I am very excited to join hands with NODWIN Gaming in taking the next step and building upon this goal together” 

Karan Kalra, Partner & Director at Comic Con India added “Our aim at Comic Con India has always been to put the fans first and I am absolutely thrilled that this strategic partnership will enable us to deliver amazing events and experiences to pop culture fans across India” 

Akshat Rathee, Co-founder and Managing Director of NODWIN Gaming commented on this development, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome the managing team of Comic Con India as partners and shareholders in NODWIN Gaming. Integration of Comic Con India will amplify and diversify the offering of NODWIN to all opportunities that target the youth in India."

The integration of Comic Con India into NODWIN Gaming's fold is set to create a unique platform for gaming enthusiasts, comic fans, and pop culture aficionados. The plan is to expand the number of festivals and extend their reach to more cities across India and other countries, tapping into new markets and audiences. Fans can look forward to an enhanced experience with a broader array of events that celebrate the intersection of gaming, esports, comics, and popular culture.

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