New Year Gifts to help them start their year with a smile!

From gift hampers to meads to clothes, you can also go for some funky New Year gifts that evoke nostalgia, and love, and happiness; here's how!

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Cold breeze all around with the outdoor scenes vibrant and lit up is how we sense the onset of the New Year. While we make resolutions ahead of the new year to keep our happiness in check, what we must also keep in mind is to keep those around us happy as much as we can. And, if you think the same and are looking for some options, here we are to help you with these New Year gifting options that you can consider!

Personal care products by Whiskers


Letting them know that you also care about their maintenance as much as they do is a gem of a chance that you must not let go of this New Year and the best way to go about is through the personal care products by Whiskers. Since our bodies and faces are exposed to environmental dust all day, gift them a Whiskers Body Wash Combo composed of Matcha Green Tea and Bamboo Charcoal Body wash that is antibacterial and helpful in reducing inflammation. You can also gift them the Whiskers Beard Growth Oil + Beard Wash Combo and  Whiskers Face Wash + Face Scrub Combo to help them groom even better. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to show that you care!

Shirts with Roll Up sleeves by Dragon Hill


Clothes are always the popular choice for gifting and shirts are the safe options! This new year, help them liven up their wardrobes with the  Black Cotton Linen Shirt With Roll Up Sleeves and the Navy Cotton Linen Shirt With Roll Up Sleeves both of which feature a Mandarin collar with a half placket. The best part about these shirts is that their curved hem adds an extra dose of stylish flair making it suitable for both casual wear and outings!

Festive Glamour Kit by Moha 


How about helping them with the new skin-care routine this new year? Well, if you are looking for such an option a beautiful Festive Glamour Kit by Moha could be the right pick to opt for! The hamper consists of hair oil that provides nourishment to the hair and scalp, a Hydrating Face Serum for maintaining skin health, Scrub soap for some clean and healthy skin, and Foot care cream for repairing cracked Heels and soothes sore feet. So, isn't it a complete package to gift?

Ground Coffee and Coffee maker by Coffeeza


Do you have to gift something to a coffee lover? Well, your problem might be solved here with Coffeeza! Their blends, made from specialty AA-grade coffee beans, offer a unique and diverse selection to wow your taste buds. Go for Intenso Ground Coffee which gives you the flavours of blueberries and strong dark chocolate or go delightful world of flavored Arabica blends, featuring Hazelnut, Caramel, and more. Don't miss the exceptional AAA grade Arabica, Mysore Nuggets for a truly indulgent experience.


Along with this, you can also go for a French Press Coffee maker which has a tough borosilicate glass carafe. Its filtration system ensures that little to no grinds are left in your brew. The plunger is made from premium-grade stainless steel. So, gift this coffee maker that can make two cups of coffee in one go and enjoy the brewing together!

Formal shirts by Blackberrys


Are they planning a lot of goals in their work life and you want to show how much you care about them? Well, no better chance than the formal shirts that they might love on their journey! Go for the Formal Beige Printed Shirt - Beet that is 76% Nylon 24% Spx and crafted in a simple printed pattern, with the captivating beige hue making it good for formal occasions. Similarly, you can also pick the Formal White Solid Shirt - Shepherd by Blackberrys that is 100% Polyester in fabric. Its full sleeves make sure the shirt is comfortable and depicts sophistication. So, when are you getting these? 

90's Kid Hamper by Fluorescent 


Are they a 90's kid and you want to evoke a sense of nostalgia from your gifts? Look no further as the 90's Kid Hamper by Fluorescent is all that might be looking for! The hamper contains a 90's theme T-shirt, Maggie double pack, a Classic fountain pen, a Cassette cookie, Mentos, Phantom sweet cigarettes, Lips candy, Magic pops (2 packs), Brick Game, Greeting card of your choice, Reusable 11x11x4 inch signature box. Isn't it exciting and fun? 

Honey Pack and Apple Pie Mead by Moonshine Meadery 


How about sending them celebratory sweetness? Always a good idea, isn't is? Well, if you think the same, you might like to check out the Celebration Honey Pack by Moonshine Meadery, whose rich, golden sweetness of honey takes center stage, offering a delectable and eco-friendly alternative to sugar-laden treats. You can also put together the Christmas Apple Pie Mead made using Kashmiri Apples, Cinnamon, Nutmeg, Cloves, and Rum soaked raisins. With the alcohol content in this pint being about 6.5%, you can plan a celebratory time with them with the gift!

Sequin Dress by Alamode by Akansha 


If they are someone who loves being in trends, it is your time to surprise them with the trending sequin pattern in clothing, and what would be more beautiful than this sparkling Sequin Celeb Dress by Alamode by Akansha? This rhinestone-embedded black dress is not just a dazzling gift but can also make the New Year ready for parties when they are with them! So, what are you waiting for? Let's gift them this shiny happiness now!

Love Gift Basket by Duck Duck Story


If you are thinking of gifting them cute stationery, look no further than the Love Gift Basket by Duck Duck Story. The basket has three personalized items that can make them feel special. It includes a storybook, in which the characters are based on their look and the story along with the narrative based on their life events and memories. Carefully crafted by writers and design artists, they would love it that also comes with a Splash Frame or a colorful digital portrayal of their picture and a handmade card. So, take this chance to gift them their beautiful moments through these while wishing happy new year and more such memories ahead.

Deccan Garden Casual Sneaker by Zouk


If you are going to gift something to a sneakerhead, well, Zouk has some quirky things to offer. The Deccan Garden Casual Sneaker by Zouk is 100% PeTA approved Printed Sneakers are sophisticated and unusual, breaking the conventional stereotype of the boring plain shoes and solid shades, upgrading to a more stylish design aesthetic. The sneakers have a beautiful vegan leather detail at the front and the back, which also makes them perfectly appropriate for work. These are fun and ethnic and can be paired with a variety of outfits. The sneakers will provide them with a cushiony comfort all day long, so they can easily look breathtaking every time they step out of the door!

Yearly Combo - 2 Daily Planners + 2 Sticker Books by Twillo Story


How about helping them plan and define their new-year goals? Well, the best way you can help them out is by gifting them the Yearly Combo - 2 Daily Planners + 2 Sticker Books by Twillo Story, which is a 24-week, undated planner and a reflective journal. While the Daily pages have space that encourages a habit of journaling about their day, the weekly overview pages and end-of-week reflection pages allow them to also plan for the week ahead. The combo also comes with 2 sticker books with more than a hundred stickers. So, hand over this quirkiness this new year!


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