Monsoon Essentials that you Must Check Out this Season!

Monsoons come with relief from the summer heat but also come with a host of troubles you need to save yourself from. So, check out these essentials and get yourself these for a happy monsoon!

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We are all enjoying the pleasant weather of the monsoon season. But make sure you are also ready with the things that you need to protect yourself from - the adversities of the season! So, what are you waiting for? Check this out and plan your monsoon now!

Umbrella by India Circus


Time for all of us to go funky this monsoon with one of the most important items, an umbrella! Check out the Legend of the Cranes 3 fold Umbrella, which is bright enough to uplift your spirits while the Pongee fabric material makes it a go-to in this season! So, make heads turn with this!

Rain Jacket by Tripole


Protect yourself from the season and yet, enjoy the weather with the Rain Jacket by Tripole! This is made in the poncho style to cover the entire body as well as being useful for a backpack and rucksack on the back. So, along with daily use, you can also carry this while travelling and trekking!

Socks by Bonjour


Socks become a major problem in monsoon. However, if you are wearing sports shoes, those must be accompanied by socks! The  7-Day No Smell Bamboo Socks are a great monsoon season sock, as their anti-microbial properties protect the feet from bacteria along with keeping them fresh due to their anti-odour properties. They can be worn for 7 days straight without producing any odour and come in 4 categories; Terry/Cushioned Secret Socks, Terry/Cushioned Ankle Socks, Bamboo Plain Ankle Socks and Long Compression Socks. Have a look at  Men Cushioned White Sports Crew Socks that with the crew length provide fully cushioned soles and a gentle feel to the feet! You can also check out Women's Woolen Thumb Crew Socks, Girls Anti-Skid (Gripper) Yoga Socks In Combo and Men Cotton Odour Free Plain Socks - all of which are aimed at making your monsoon sorted with the socks choice!

Casual Sliders by Paragon Footwear


Time to stop worrying about the casual footwear to be worn in monsoon as these Casual Sliders by Paragon Footwear are easy breezy made of EVA. This grey pair makes it a monsoon essential if you are going for walks on the streets!

Sunglasses by Shishenfox 


This monsoon protects your eyes when you go out during the day and prevents the eyes from the rain drops. Check out RAION sunglasses that are lightweight built, Windsor rim, and represent the best of a merger between classic vintage inspired with a contemporary spirit. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the pair now! 

Automos by HiCare 


Who does not want to get rid of mosquitos in monsoons? Well, if you are looking for a repellent, check out AutoMos Machine + 1 Refill – Starter Pack by HiCare! Thus, the automatic Mosquito Repellent Dispenser comes with 1 refill as well and is safe for us. It does not release the pungent smell and has fewer chemicals!

First Aid Kit by Resguardo


Monsoons bring with them various adversities that sometimes, you can escape but sometimes, fall prey to. From insect bites to the cuts we tend to get because of walking on damaged roads, these situations lead to major upheavals. Hence, keep the  First Aid Kit handy and check out Resguardo for that. This kit comes with Surgical Latex Gloves, Antiseptic Lotion Savlon, Cotton Wool, Sterile Gauze Swab, Povidone Iodine Ointment, and more!

Waterproof Bag by Wonderlooms 


Going out in the monsoon with your daily bag might not be a very good idea and you must carry a bag that houses all your important items when you go out or travel. So check out this Adventure Pro Dry Bag which is a roll-top waterproof bag that you can use for trekking, hiking, and even on casual outings!

Hand and Bath Towel Set by Peepul Tree


Another important thing you require after getting home drenched is your hand and bath towels! Check out the  Hand and Bath Towel Set by Peepul Tree which is block-printed in a white and blue pattern. The cotton texture of these towels keeps you cosy against the skin. So, what are you waiting for? Let the monsoon roll in and get ready with all important items like these! 

Glasses by Sam & Marshall Eyewear 


Want to look stylish this monsoon? Well, go for these Sunglasses by  Sam & Marshall Eyewear that is built with polycarbonate and whose mono-black lens makes you look elegant! Plus, the curvy square shape just adds to its style and makes it a go-to essential for monsoon outings! 

Canopy Cover Windshield Sunshade by Qaswa Bike Canopy



Protect yourself and your two-wheeler from the rain and go for this Canopy Cover for scooty that helps in avoiding water droplets. It also comes with a zipper so that you can open it when needed to reduce the resistance. It also has iron bending and is made of iron to give strength!

Riding Gloves by Lone Ranger India 


While riding, your hands must also be protected from the rain. This Lone Ranger Dryed Riding glove is a lightweight textile, has Hipora membrane to make the gloves waterproof, and offers Velcro cuff closure. So, get one for yourself soon if you love riding bikes during monsoons!


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