Meethi Elaichi - A sweet brand that delivers a healthy indulgence!

We were most thrilled when Shilpa Shetty loved and picked our laddoos for her Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, just 4 months after launching our brand, co-founder of Meethi Elaichi

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Time of celebrations calls for some sweet treats and here’s the journey of Meethi Elaichi that brings the sweet flavours of celebrations to your doorsteps with its healthy meethais. 

In a country where there are countless celebrations and traditions, Meetha plays a crucial role in capturing the essence of festivities. When there is any occasion we always say ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’ but the trend has changed from ‘kuch meetha ho jaye’ to ‘kuch healthy meetha ho jaye’ in recent years. To encapsulate this change a brand was born in 2020. The experience of Abhir Dhawan in the restaurant space, the brains of Ruchika Dhawan in marketing and content and the expertise of Manoj Gopalani in the events industry gave birth to new age sweet brand, Meethi Elaichi.

The co-founders of Meethi Elaichi

‘Meethi’ which means sweet and Elaichi which signifies new beginnings was started to preserve the old traditions while embracing the modernity of celebrations. “The Indian meethais are sweet and loaded with ghee that not everybody can have and thus we wanted to provide something that can be had on a regular basis without compromising on the taste, says Ruchika. Preserving the nostalgia while keeping the originality in place was only possible if experts from two different fields combined their forces. The brand found a perfect match of halwais and pastry chefs who could both work together and produce something that is for everyone. However, it was not easy to team up halwais and pastry chefs who were both unique and different in their own work. After much R&D and trials, a team of chefs and halwais led by Chef Sudhir Pai was ready to create the magic of flavours in a meethai that was healthy as well. “Our mission was to make meethais that have controlled sugar content so that the customers can enjoy more than one piece at a time,” said the co-founder. 

Chef Sudhir Pai with the Mithai box

Along with the concept of sweets they also wanted to redefine the packaging by creating the perfect box of meethai that was gift-ready and sturdy enough to be kept as a souvenir instead of ending up in the trash. “Our two-tier macaron box is found in most of our client’s homes to store trinkets, jewellery, etc”, she adds. To be in a segment that is dominated by traditional players it was challenging as well as fun for the trio to launch a brand that caters to everyone whether you are a fan of classic sweets or the modern range or need some gluten-free and vegan options to chef-curated meethais. This love and uniqueness even impressed Shilpa Shetty when she ordered laddoos just 4 months after the brand's launch. The concept of spreading the sweetness of tradition with the touch of modernity is what makes Meethi Elaichi worth celebrating. 

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