Setting up a studio or a home? Check these lamps to buy online

Round lamps to holographic lamps and ceiling lamps to neon lamps are what you need to design a beautiful space and here are a few recommendations for the same.

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Lamps to buy online

Aesthetics are a must for the interiors of a new studio or a house. Hence, here is a list of lamps to buy online and set the vibe right.

When planning the house and studio interior, multiple aspects need to be looked upon and lighting is one of them. Luminous setting and aesthetic look amplify any room's charm and lamps are perfectly fine for that. To sort your search for lights and radiance here are a few suggestions of lamps to buy online. 

1. Round Lamps from Green Girgit

round lamp from green girgit

A curvy lamp is always a perfect fit for setting the ascetic game right. This House Of Domes Round Lamp with a cylindrical shape and a housing cluster design that complements the satin finish from Green Girgit is a must-check for a playful ambience. For a more vibrant and bright setting, you can also look for the Tiny Elephants Wooden Lamp which has some really cool elephant motifs on its round design. 

2. Wireless Lamps from Rosha India 

wireless lamps from rosha

Sometimes wires in lamps can create a great hassle so these wireless lamps from Rosha are a must check. The first one on the list is the Orbit Rose Gold. The Orbit Lamp possesses great functionality while having an exquisite look that is complemented by its opulent finish. This portable lamp with a minimal design can be placed interchangeably in any place. You can also check out the Splendore Rosegold which is a Torchiere Floor Lamp. Both these lamps are wireless and rechargeable. 

3. Pendant Lamp from Fig 

Pendant Lamp from fig

The next one on the list is the unique Pendant Lamp from Fig. The meticulously handcrafted design of this Tabla Origami Pendant Lamp consists of accordion pleats which give the lamp an origami look. This pattern creates an engaging fusion of light and shadow, adding depth and texture to your studio and house interiors. Hang it in your living room or at a place in your studio and let the light drop.

4. Wall Lamp from Whispering Homes 

wall lamps from whispering homes

If your home or studio needs elegant and classic lighting then a wall lamp can add to a great vibe. Check out the Bowtie Style Black Wall Sconce from Whispering Homes which gives a Mid-Century vibe and has two-way lighting. Klimt Wall Lamp can be another pick for an old-school look that its cane-like weaved structure provides. 

5. RGB Lamp from Artment

rgb light for studio

These ones are actually a must-have for studios. The Red Green and Blue shades are basics for a video background or even clicking pictures. This Modern Art Zenith Corner Floor Lamp from Artment comes with various features like remote control dimming, adjustable colour temperature and a foot switch.

6. Neon Lamp from Neon Attack 

neon sign from neon attack

For a playful vibe and a cheerful mode, nothing can be better than neon lamps and signages. Neon Attack offers a wide range of cute lighting for every mood and occasion. The Unicorn Neon Sign for carefree souls and the Music FloRo Sign for music lovers are some of the top picks. 

7. Tree Lamp from Home Centre

tree lamp

Want a natural setup but a luminescent one? Tree lamps can be an ideal find for that requirement. This Serena Blaze Crystal Blossom Tree from Home Centre can bring a blossom-and-bloom vibe to any room. Be it a living room or bedroom or a studio set up it can fit anywhere. 

8. Moon Lamp from Mango People 

customized moon lamp

Moon Lamps are a recent obsession for a cozy and personalized set-up. They add a sweet element to one's bedside table or can be an aesthetic prop for a shoot in a studio. Check out this moon lamp from Mango People that comes in three different light shades; white, warm white & orange. Mango People allows you to add your personalization of names and designs to it as well. 

9. Tripod Lamp from Voylite 

tripod lamp

Tripod lamps work as an excellent combination of decor and lighting. The Globo Tripod Floor Lamp from Voylite is a modern piece with a globular structure. The tripod helps with the stability as well as the looks and can be an ideal fit for any corner of the room or simply be a prop element for a shoot. Get these classy-looking lights and set your home and your studio right.

10. Swing Arm Lamps from The Living Influence 

swing arm lamp

Swing Arm lamps are an example of style and functionality. Check out this Swing Arm Corner Lamp from The Living Influence that comes with a wall mount and a pivot that swings in different directions. It comes with a vintage farmhouse black chandelier that is a sleek and classic design. 

11. Sunset Projection Lamps from Chronos 

sunset projection light

This one takes a unique take on the usual lamps. The Sunset Project Lamp from Chronos is an aesthetic-adding lamp that works as a fake sunset upon projection. It can stand out in the house or add a sunset effect for a video or photo in a studio. The lamp comes with a 180-degree rotation and options like soft light, rainbow sunset and live background light.

12. Foldable Book Lamp from Aviation Kart

book lamp

This one is also a not-so-usual lamp that one looks for but can surely be a pick for setting up a new home or studio. The foldable Book Lamp from Aviation Kart is a 360 lamp that allows you to change its shape according to your needs. It is a wireless and portable lamp that comes with a battery and can be easily carried anywhere. 

13. Hologram Lamps from Geek Monkey

hologram lamps

Hologram lamps make up for an immersive experience. They can bring in some exciting visuals or personalized designs that can make up for a room or studio decor. The Sleepy Moon Hologram Lamp from Geek Monkey can be adorable as the transparent acrylic sheet creates a 3D holographic effect of a bear cuddling the crescent moon, enhancing its visual appeal. Another one to check out can be the Little Astronaut Illustration Lamp for space lovers. 

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