Koparo Secures Rs. 70 Lakh Investment on Shark Tank India Season 3

Highlighting the USP of the brand, which is to cut off the toxins and chemicals from the cleaning products, Koparo's founder impressed all Sharks with her pitch and the objective in the third week of Shark Tank India Season 3. 

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The COVID-induced pandemic, if nothing else, certainly sparked conversations and raised awareness about maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. However, while diligently scrubbing every surface clean of germs and grime during the lockdown, Simran Khara, a mother based in New Delhi, realized that she was actually coating her house with toxins. This realization led to the inception of Koparo, a sustainable and plant-based home care brand offering cleaning products that recently secured a deal on Shark Tank India.

According to Khara, many studies have highlighted the harmful effects of bleach, phosphates, phthalates, artificial colors, etc., on health, and these are present in high doses in average cleaning products. The founder was, therefore, striving to keep her family safe, but instead, the chemicals in the cleaners were having the opposite effect.


Khara decided that her parents needed natural, safe, and effective cleaners and began working on Koparo. 'Koparo takes inspiration from the word 'Kopra,' which means coconut in many languages. Koparo products are made from naturally derived ingredients, including coconut-based cleaning agents. The name is a homage to our hero ingredient,' she says.

Koparo commenced operations in February 2021, offering floor cleaners, laundry detergent, fabric conditioners, dishwashing liquid, hand wash, cleaning accessories, and fresheners & fragrances made without adding any ammonia, chlorine, parabens, EDTA, triclosan, and artificial toxic colors. The products are certified vegan and cruelty-free, making them safe for homes with pets and kids.

'This marks our 3rd year of operations, and we are celebrating our 3rd birthday this week. What a way to do it - by appearing on TV!' she says.

Experience At Shark Tank

Highlighting the USP of the brand, which is to eliminate toxins and chemicals from cleaning products, Koparo's founder impressed all the Sharks with her pitch and objective in the third week of Shark Tank India Season 3.

Simran Khara's initial ask was 70 lakh for 1% equity, and she found success with her initial ask as Vineeta Singh and Aman Gupta both invested on her terms. While other sharks seemed to offer investment, according to Sony's team, the founder had already accepted the offer made by Gupta and Singh. This led to other sharks teasing the founder for not even hearing their offers.

Speaking about the team behind the show, Simran Khara says, 'There’s help provided in every way; from pitch refinement to assistance in preparing for potential Shark's questions and other logistics.'

With plans to launch more products catering to the cleaning needs of modern Indian homes, the brand seems to have secured a good deal for itself. Discussing the production team behind the show, she adds, 'The team has a united goal, which is to ensure your success. You are the content, and they pour their hearts into preparing you for your big day — after all, India will be watching!'

In addition to Shark Tank, the brand has also raised funding of Rs. 5.2 crore from 4P Capital Partners. Regarding this, the founder, Simran Khara, says, 'I am excited to have 4P Capital Partners on board, as their backers have experience in building large consumer brands. Over the next 2 years, we aim to reach 10 lakh Indian consumers, with our focus on expanding distribution both online and offline.'

Aditya Arora, Partner and CIO of 4P Capital Partners, comments on the investment, saying, 'We are impressed with the solid business that Simran has built in a short span of time. Her focus on positive economics stands out for us. We strongly believe that sustainable and plant-based home cleaners are the need of the hour and are happy to back Koparo on its journey.

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