Step Into Style: Buy Kolhapuri Chappal for Men and Women Online!

This list includes casuals, designer, ethnic and many more styles of Kolhapuri Chappal for men and women.  

Hitanshu Bhatt
Sep 26, 2023 13:31 IST
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kolhapuri chappal for men

Check out a range of Kolhapuri Chappal for Men and Women if you are getting ready for a wedding or even dressing up for the festive season ahead.

Whether you are looking for footwear that is stylish yet light or a breezy leather statement, Kolhapuri chappal can always suit the occasion. Here are some recommendations to buy Kolhapuri chappal for men and women online.

1. Vhaan 

vhaan vintage kolhapuri chappal

Vhaan is an artisanal brand that specializes in Kolhapuri Chappal. It has an in-house team of craftsmen that make the chappals in a traditional way both for men and women. Check out their collection of casuals, antiques, ethnic and many more chappals. 

2. Korakari

denim kolhapuri chappal

Style a classy looking chappals from Korakari and add grace to your ethnic outfit. They have Kolhapuris for both men and women with a collection of two-tone, three-tone and even denim chappals. 

3. Kalapuri

kalapuri kolhapuri chappal

Complete your traditional look with Kolhapuri chappals from Kalapuri. You can check their golden zari and the special Kurundwadi chappal for anyone along with some other range of products. 

4. Fizzy Goblet

fizzy goblet kolhapuri chappal

If you are looking for some designer Kolhapuris then Fizzy Goblet is worth a check out. Their Kolhapuri footwear is a bit unique from the traditional style. Check out their Kolha Flts series with products like Campa, Tutti Fruity and Mimosa. 

5. Tjori

tjori ladies kolhapuri chappal

Tjori has a limited yet fine collection of Kolhapuri chappals for both men and women. Kolhapuri flats, Pom Pom Kolhapuri and Kolhapuris made with cruelty-free leather are the highlights of Tjori. 

6. Ira Soles

ladies kolhapuri chappal

Ira Soles has an array of footwear, especially in the Kolhapuri Chappal segment. Their Kolhapuris are made of two varieties of leather, faux and pure. Plumful, Sea Serpent and Tea Green are some of the products available in vibrant colours. 

7. Zakarto

pom pom kolhapuri chappal for women

Zakarto combines a modern look with traditional Kolhapuri style in their footwear. Some of their products to check are laced Kolhapuri, T-shaped Kolhapuri and Green Zari. 

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