The Legacy of Jhama Sweets: A 74-year-old sweet shop started by a Sindhi post partition!

When you ask someone in Mumbai, where to get the famous Sindhi sweet delicacy Sev Barfi, they will probably come up with the name Jhama Sweets. This is an ode to the famous sweet shop in Mumbai

Hitanshu Bhatt
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After the partition, the Sindhis of Larkana District (currently in Pakistan) lost their homes. Seeking refuge, the Lulla family relocated to a camp established in the Chembur area of Mumbai. With no income and starting from scratch, Jhamamal Lulla set up a small sweet stall in 1950, offering only two mithais: the juicy Gulab Jamuns and the tempting Sindhi sweet, Sev Barfi, for which people still regard this place as an epitome. Gradually, the shop in Chembur gained such fame that people traveled from distant areas to indulge in Sindhi and Indian sweets here.


 Jhamamal Lulla
 Jhamamal Lulla

For 74 years now, this outlet has drawn people throughout the year, especially during festivals like Cheti Chand and Ramazan. From Jhamamal’s humble beginnings with his much-famed Gulab Jamuns and Sev Barfi, the shop now offers over 40 varieties of sweets across 11 destinations in Mumbai. Yet, there's something special about the flagship store in Chembur: the aroma of Mango Barfi in the summer season, kaju katli, special motichoor ladoos, kalakand, green pista barfi, and all the sweet decadence displayed in trays, with the staff continuously serving on occasions and even on regular days. Not to forget, they also cater to bulk orders for festivals and celebrations upon request. 

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While keeping their roots alive with their popular sweets, they have also added a variety of other food items to their offerings over the years. Chocolates such as brittle, crispy orange, and florentine, as well as dry fruits and namkeens like corn chiwda, kachori, Kolkata mix, and Madras mix, are also displayed on the shelves when you visit their stores across Mumbai. This sweet shop, started by a Sindhi man to earn a livelihood, now resonates in the minds of almost every Mumbaiker, keeping fresh the memories of struggles and the sweet moments of the post-partition period.

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