Nine Fine Wines: Indian Wines To Try Out This Winter For Some Tipsy Warmth

A glass of red wine paired with a spicy curry, chicken tikka or Pizza or Thai food can give you a feeling of warmth and lift your spirit on a cold, winter's eve.

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Winter is Here! Time to try out these Indian wines for some warmth, comfort and a tipsy feeling. Scroll below to find out more about 9 wines grown in the vineyards of India.

Very few things beat a glass of wine with a barbecue dinner or even a salty snack. A bottle of wine stands apart from other boozy drinks due to numerous factors. A myriad of flavors and aromas infuse into the bottle through a lengthy process involving the cultivation of ingredients, fermentation, production, and aging. The sour drink is then aged for years in barrels that impart a woody essence, essential for the wine to be complete. Such fine details are meticulously considered in the drink's crafting. The process, undeniably, is what makes a person appreciate the glass of wine. There are many aspects that set one wine apart from another. Check out the curated list below to find your favorite blend of flavors, aromas, textures, and perhaps discover your next favorite wine brand from an Indian vineyard.

1. Sula Shiraz Cabernet

Shiraz Cabernet


Popular as an interesting blend of silky smoothness and earthy richness is your Sula wines. The Sula Shiraz Cabernet, cultivated and aged in the Sula Vineyards in Nashik, is made of dark cherries with aromatic hints of pepper and undertones of mocha.

How to Serve: Best served chilled, decanted for 15 mins with Indian curries, like Indian Tikka Masala or Rajma Masala.

2. Fratelli Sette

Sette By Fratelli


Cherish this combination of Sangiovese’s notes of raspberry and violet along with cabernet sauvignon’s black currant notes, which is the Sette by Fratelli. Get a glimpse of the best of both worlds with the signature red wine at Fratelli which is grown and aged for two years in French oakwood barrels in their vineyard at Akluj.

How to serve: Decanted for about 20-30 minutes before having it with Chicken or Mutton Handi or a dish of Veg Kolhapuri.

3. Big Banyan Merlot

Big Banyan


The Big Banyan Merlot is known for its smooth texture and plummy finish which you can feel while you take every sip of this red wine along with the scent of dark chocolates, plums and blackberries. The fruity flavour of the merlot is paired with a hint of cocoa and a dash of black pepper, making a wine worth having.

How to serve: Pair this velvety wine with charcoal-grilled veggies, Italian dish or a plate of Chicken Tikka.

4. Charosa Vineyards Reserve Tempranillo

Charosa reserve tempranillo


Imagine a red wine, red like a ruby, the taste feels like a blend of warm and fruity flavours extracted from a balanced concentration of raspberry, strawberry and plums, and the appealing aromas of coconut, vanilla, chocolate, and raspberry. That’s the Charosa Reserve Tempranillo. Aged for a year with a soft finish, the tempranillo can be a great companion for your lunch.

How to serve: Enjoy it chilled with grilled meat, Thai food, or a sauteed veggie salad.

5. York Arros



This minimally filtered, full-bodied wine gives you a jammy and sweet vanilla flavour, subtle hints of nutmegs, cloves, black currant and coffee and a smooth feeling in your mouth as you slowly sip it away. It’s grown in the vineyards of Nashik and aged in French and American barrels which gives you the hint of wood as you indulge in its aroma.

How to serve: Pair it with spicy Indian food, Kebabs, or a block of cheese.

6. KRSMA Estates Sangiovese

Krsma sangiovese


Made with the widely adored Sangiovese grape, the Sangiovese by KRSMA Estates is a must-have variety of wine on your next dinner date. Indulge in the flavours of redcurrant, sour cherries, elderberries, and undertones of tobacco and vanilla, and feel the velvety silkiness of the wine grown in Karnataka.

How to serve: Decant for 45 minutes before serving with a dish of Chicken Tikka Masala and cheese.

7. Vallone Vineyards Merlot



The flagship wine of Vallone Vineyards, The Merlot, is a full-bodied, garnet-coloured wine. You can taste as well as smell the indulgent flavours of red berries, dark chocolate, cigars, spice, toast and creamy velvety tannins. The wine is an ideal companion for a barbeque lunch.

How to serve: Tastes best chilled and in the company of grilled meats, spicy Kebabs, Pastas and Indian curries.

8. Grover La Reserve

Grover La Reserve


The Grover La Reserve is a rich cabernet. Medium in density this wine gives hints of rose spices, berries and cedar wood. Breathe in the aromas of spices, black currant, and tobacco wood with a sweet and sour taste that hits the spot. The wine is grown and matured in the fields of Bangalore.

How to serve: Tastes best chilled and decanted for 30 mins and paired with a dish of Indian curry or a block of chocolate or cheese.

9. Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz

Four seasons shiraz reserve


French grape varieties of wine grapes, grown and matured in the western ghats of Baramati make up the Four Seasons Barrique Reserve Shiraz is a full-bodied wine that indulges you in its smoky and earthy flavours. With an inky red complexion, this shiraz takes your senses into depths with ripe blackberry and dry spices.

How to serve: Decant for 30 minutes and serve chilled with a platter of grilled meat or vegetables.


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