Indian Start-ups that are Using the Ocean Waste & Resources Right!

These Indian start-ups are accessing untreated and harmful ocean waste to make useful products and technologies by treating them in the most sustainable manner possible.

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The burgeoning crisis of ocean pollution has catalysed a global movement toward sustainability and environmental stewardship. India being one of the largest producers of ocean waste needs to take some steps to reduce the harm caused to marine and aquatic life. To combat the harm caused by various materials innovative startups are at the forefront of this movement, turning the tide against ocean waste by transforming it into valuable resources. These enterprising companies are not only tackling environmental degradation but also fostering community development. From converting plastic debris into fashion products to developing cutting-edge recycling technologies to treat ocean waste, these startups exemplify the potential of turning waste into productive materials. 

Sea6 Energy

Sea6 energy

Headquartered in Bangalore, Sea6 was founded in 2010 to develop innovative solutions to key global problems. Over the last decade, it has become a pioneer of innovative technologies for sustainable, large-scale and mechanized farming of sea-plants and the conversion of this sea-plant biomass to novel products. They use the Mechanised Ocean Farming model to make these products.

Goya Swimwear

goya swimwear

Goya is a sustainable swimwear brand based out of Goa. They believe in making luxury fashion which is good for the planet. Their swimwear is made from plastic bottles collected from the oceans and fashion landfills. They claim that each piece pulls out about 29 plastic bottles directly from the ocean. They say they exclusively craft with REPREVE®, recycled performance fibres. Waste flake from plastic bottles collected from the ocean is melted and reformulated into REPREVE® resin. Resin is melted into the liquid polymer and extruded to form fibre. From there, it is spun and air-jet textured into yarn. 



SharkMate is a brand co-founded by Noor Khosla, a certified scuba diver and Master Scuba Diver Trainer Dev Saighal. It's a sustainable ocean wear brand whose products are made from recycled plastic bottles and fishing nets, addressing the importance of restoring the oceans. They recycle plastic bottles to create rash guards which reduces the environmental impact of the swimwerar production. Not only their products but even their packaging is also made using leftover materials from production.

Kosha Yoga Co.

Kosha yoga wear

Kosha Yoga Co. is a yoga products brand founded by Harneet and Alok. They have a special collection that is made by recycling ghost fishing nets.  All 'buttR Yoga Wear' is made by recycling ghost fishing nets into a buttery soft, luxurious, high-performance fabric, which can also be recycled infinitely, creating sustainable athleisure wear. as claimed by the brand. All their sports bras, yoga pants and shorts are made in India, sustainably, in sweat-shop-free conditions.


zero circle

Zerocircle is an environment-conscious brand founded by Neha Jain. With Zerocircle, Neha intends to use seaweed to create bio-alternatives to products that we use in our daily lives and enable organisations to create solutions that are perfectly circular and leave nothing behind. The brand uses low-energy green processing technology to shape seaweed into carbon-efficient solutions to make products such as packaging boxes, coating, paper and pellets. 

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