Boot up your style - Iconic Boots for the Season

Boots have always been a trendsetter. From casual to chic, they are tailored for every occasion. Explore these footwears waiting for an adventure.

Ishita Ghosh
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boots for this season

Experience a fashion adventure this season with these stylish footwear options. Boots make a confident proclamation in the world of glamour. Adorned with lace, leather, or strings, they exude magnificence in every form.

From time to time, boots have proven to be a classic style. They have a sense of elegance and boldness to them which makes an incredible fashion identity. Turn every street into your runway and take a confident step in these boots for th season. 

1. Wellington Boots from CAI 

wellington boots

These boots are contemporary in style and usually made of PVC which makes them waterproof. The shimmer and shine on them make them appealing and at the same time convenient to wear. Check out CAI for some trendy Wellington Boots. These boots come in three colours - beige, navy blue and olive green. 

2. Printed Chelsea Boots from Yoho Lifestyle 

chelsea boots

Chelsea boots generally come in ankle-length with elastic side gores. They are usually flat or have a slight heel. These boots from Yoho Lifestyle are an example of funk and elegance as they come in solid colours like mystery blue, olive, pink, beige and classic black with geometric prints that set them apart from the crowd. 

3. Ankle Boots from The Alternate 

ankle boots

One can never go wrong with ankle boots as they are classic in look and sturdy in feel. These lace Boots with Strap details from The Alternate can be your find if you are looking for a sophisticated touch of luxury. They come in shades of rusty brown and can be styled with jeans or chinos for work or leisure. 

4. Knee-high Boots from Street Style Store

Knee boots

These boots extend up to the knee. Whether paired with skirts, leggings, or dresses, these transform the look. Check out Street Style Store's trendy knee-high boots that will lure you to pick up one. The boots come in a variety of colours and are available in flats and heels.

5. Thigh-high Boots from Truffle Collection

Thigh Boots

These extend up to the thigh or higher. Laced, zipped or leather, they redefine fashion against the ordinary. Their versatility makes them unique. Check out Truffle Collection for their unique collection of thigh-high boots that feature classic colours like black, grey and nude. They come with a slight block or pencil heel.

6. Cowboy Boots from Agra Shoe Mart 


Although originally designed for horseback riding, these shoes found their way into the fashion world. They come in various lengths, from ankle to knee. These shoes from Agra Shoe Mart have a flat toe with a slight heel and have a mixture of velvet blue and brown that stand out. 

7. Wedge Boots from Saint G 


They are trendy, comfortable and stylish. The heel is wedge-shaped that runs from the back of the shoe to the middle or front. These Sylvie orange suede leather inner wedge boots from Saint G are worth your pick as they are fashionable and new age. They also come with side elasticated panels and a pull tab. 

8. Combat Boots from Olive Planet

combat boots

The ruggedness and durability were originally designed for the military but it has found its way to the general population as well. The boots from Olive Planet are laced up and have a leather toe for convenience and protection. While the olive green colour also looks catchy with the design. 

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