How Slick Fix aims to fix dressing problems with tools like tapes, covers!

In the span of four years, the brand has been able to cater to women in states like Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya along with central and South India.

New Update

It was almost eight years ago when Akash Doshi, an entrepreneur came up with a quick solution with double-sided tape to fix her daughter's problem of shoe-bite as she, a high school student was going to a fancy dress party. Doshi, who was already running an adhesive-coated company since 1984 could then foresee a larger spectrum of ideas emerging from the incident that he, finally, fabricated through Slick Fix; aimed at lending a helping hand to prevent "wardrobe malfunctions". 


Started in 2019 in Mumbai by Akash Doshi and Akhil Chopra, Slick Fix now offers skin and fabric-friendly products aiming to meet the dressing dilemma that might arise even with the slight revealing of the skin that people are not comfortable with to any probable situation that might make them uncomfortable with their clothing. With the variety of clothing accessories and beauty tools like dressing tapes, nipple covers, nipple pasties, and dressing dot tapes, Doshi maintains that the brand, which finds its presence online, is dedicated to making people comfortable with their clothing choices. "The products have been engineered to suit the skin and fabric both so that people focus more on their work when they are out and not worry about the unintentional revealing of the skin," Doshi, the co-founder of the brand says. 

Along with the dressing tools, however, Slick Fix also endeavours to meet a few other problems related to getting ready and offers products like shoe-bite pads, show grips, underarm pads, grime protectors, etc. 

Understanding women through women 


Even with the limited number of products, Slick Fix majorly captures the best interests of women, as also claimed by the co-founder Doshi. For the same reason, Doshi mentioned that products like nipple covers and others were researched well and tested on women before being available for sale. While the products adhere to international standards of safety, as per Doshi, it is also the involvement of his wife in the business due to whom the co-founders gain better perspectives of the products to be made for women. 

In the span of four years, the brand has been able to cater to women not just in metropolitan cities but also in Tier 2 and 3 cities. Doshi says that women from the northeastern states have also been the major customers for them. "We have received a good response from the women from the states like Assam, Mizoram, Meghalaya along with central and South India," he says. However, Doshi also highlights that tracking the authentic data over the number of women for their products becomes difficult as many a time, women purchase these products through their husband's profiles as they are hesitant to reveal their information. 


Akash Doshi (left) and Akhil Chopra (right), co-founders of Slick Fix.

Nevertheless, Doshi affirms that teenagers or college-going girls account for their major number of customers and to understand their demands and needs, he has maintained to tap into the micro-influencers, who not only help the brand in promotion but also come up with potential modifications based on their experiences. "We always wanted to make mass products and hence, have worked with more than 1,500 influencers for the same. More than that, these people have helped us evolve with our offerings," he says. 

As Slick Flix aims to come up with further categories to help people, what it has already done is bound women across regions together, aiming to help with their everyday dressing problems.  




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