10 Homegrown brands from Northeast India to check out!

Here are a few brands in food, beverages, clothing and various other categories from the Northeast that you can check to shop and support the economy of these states.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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The seven sisters of India are known for their picturesque beauty, serene locations and welcoming people. In recent years, there has been a focus on promoting the tourism of these unexplored states but there is one more element that these states offer and is often neglected. The shopping experience here is rather ignored or not many people know about the brands that have emerged from here. Here are a few homegrown brands from Northeast India that you can explore and start your journey to support the local businesses there.

1. Pabung 


Pabung is an online shopping platform that offers a variety of made-in-Manipur products. A wide range of products, from popular brands to local and indigenous offerings like Chakhao (black rice), Ngari (non-salted fermented fish), Hawaizar (naturally fermented soybean), handloom & handicrafts, Manipur folk tale comics, and many others, are available with them.

2. Chizami Weaves 


Chizami Weaves is a clothing and accessory brand from Nagaland. It sells products made by the economically marginalized women of the Chakhesang tribe and is dedicated to promoting and preserving the unique textiles of Nagaland. They offer clothes, bags, pillow covers, rugs, and many other home decor items. 

3. Kopou 


Kopou is another brand from the Northeast that makes everyday-use products like baskets, bags, planters, trays, organizers and home decor with the help of local weavers and artisans. Their products are made with sustainable materials like water hyacinth - a free-floating perennial aquatic plant, rattan and bamboo.

4. Hill Wild


Hill Wild is a chocolate and confectionery brand from Manipur. TThey source the chocolates from the farmers of Ukhrul in Manipur and infuse them with locally available nuts and fruits to create flavored sweet treats. Along with confectionaries, they also sell spices, sauces, and other items from the Northeast.

5. Runway  


Runway is a platform for empowering artisans and aims to preserve the indigenous art & techniques of handmade and old-age practices. It offers heritage jewellery, natural fibre crafts such as baskets, mats, planters, coasters and handloom home furnishing items such as cushion covers, and table runners made on Loinloom. 

6. NE Origin 


The NE in the name stands for North Eastern Origin, as the brand brings Indigenous Northeast products to the world. It specializes in sauces made from the exotic chillis of the North Eastern states of India with other items such as jams, spices, tea and honey. 

7. Kharikajai 


Kharikajai is a clothing and accessories brand from Assam. They specialize in handmade jewellery from the state. They have recently launched their apparel collection, inspired by different elements of Northeastern states. 

8. The S Way 


The S Way brings apparel and jewellery made from North-Eastern materials. The brand represents authentic handloom weavers from North-Eastern India and conveys their tales of art, music, and the region's history through its designs.

9. Dipi Treats 


Dipi Treats brings handcrafted bags and statement jewellery from the Northeastern states of India. Their product range includes hair accessories like hair bands, hair barrettes, scrunchies, and jewellery like earrings, neck jewels, rings, anklets and bags in various styles. 

10. Zizira 


Zizira deals in naturally grown products from the undiscovered hills of Meghalaya. They offer spices, herbs, and condiments such as ginger and turmeric, grown by local farmers. Additionally, they have a special program called ‘7000 Steps,’ where their team travels to Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, and Tripura to source quality coffee beans directly from local farmers.

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