Clean Up Time: 10 Home Cleaners in Lucknow For Diwali Cleaning

These cleaning service providers offer to clean your homes, and wipe your furniture, appliances, windows, mirrors and more for attractive prices!

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Looking to clean your home before Diwali in Lucknow without getting your hands dirty? Call one of these home cleaners, to get your entire home and furniture deep cleaned. Keep scrolling to know more!

It's essential to clean your home before Diwali as it is considered as an auspicious event. However, we know that out of our busy lives, we may not always find the time. This is when hiring a home cleaning service can be a lifesaver as they allow you to sit back and relax as they clean your house to a shine for a small price.

1. Vijay Cleaning Services

VIjay cleaning services


Looking for a hassle-free home cleaning service this Diwali? Vijay Cleaning Services in Lucknow offers you just that – deep cleaning services with affordable prices right at your doorstep. You can have your windows, furniture, mirrors, and glass cleaned, walls and ceilings dusted, appliances, fans, taps, and cupboards wiped, and floor scrubbed. You can also get your carpets and rugs deep cleaned by experts under one roof when you opt for this service."

Contact: 8453748478

2. Safaiwale

Vaccum safaiwale


Safaiwale in Lucknow offers you quality, affordability, and flexibility all under one roof! These professional house cleaners offer services that suit every budget. You can contact them to have your entire home deep cleaned, with all furniture, appliances, windows, grills, mirrors, and walls dusted, wiped, and cleaned, and have cobwebs removed. Your home will look as good as new, leaving your guests in awe when they visit your home this Diwali!

Contact: 7290003942

3. UClean Company



Started by an IIT Graduate, the Uclean company in Lucknow offers reliable services for discounted prices! Get deep cleaning services for your home where experts vacuum your carpets, clean your kitchen and bathroom, wipe your mirrors, clean your sofa, and disinfect all surfaces. 

Contact: 9795495401

4. VBlue



You’ll find a wide range of handymen, repair, and cleaning services at VBlue in Lucknow. They offer to deep clean your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, with their affordable packages. Get your sofas, mattresses, and carpets cleaned and floors scrubbed and polished without lifting a finger by choosing this service for your Diwali cleaning.

Contact: 8004561000

5. Flora Cleaning Services

Flora cleaning services


You can find different types of home cleaning services in Lucknow at Flora Cleaning Services with plans that are curated according to your budget. Not only can you get the inside of your home deep cleaned, but you can also have the exterior cleaned, like your water tank, chimney or car with their services.

Contact: 9519888988

6. Ray’s House Cleaning



Ray's House Cleaning seems to be one of the fastest-growing housekeeping services in Lucknow. This may be because they offer to clean your home in a short period at affordable prices. You can contact them to have your home sanitized, and cleaned to a shine!

Contact: 9569316152

7. Gocleano



Goleano’s systemized cleaning methods with quality equipment that they use in their cleaning like HEPA Filtration Vacuum, Color Coded Microfiber Cloth, and Professional Grade disinfectants are surely something to check out! They offer expert cleaning and disinfection services for your home and office. Whether you want your sofa dusted, your bathroom cleaned, or your windows wiped, Gocleano’s trained technicians will help you prep your home for Diwali season!

Contact: 8866669900

8. Jeevan Cleaning Services

Jeevan cleaning


You can contact Jeevan Cleaning Services to clean your home before Diwali arrives. They offer to clean your sofas and carpets along with washrooms, kitchens, cars and chimneys. Their experts will clean your fans, curtains, grills and windows and try to ensure that you are satisfied. They also offer to clean your aquarium which not only sets them apart but also allows your fish to celebrate Diwali in a clean home, too.

Contact: 8726959224

9. Max Cleano

max cleano


You can find affordable deals at Max Cleano to clean your apartment with their cleaning and housekeeping services. Their trained cleaners deep clean your home and furniture, delivering satisfying results. So, hurry up, as you are just a call away from cleaning your home to a shine before Diwali arrives with Max Cleano!

Contact: 8604614249

10. Nimba Cleaning


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With Nimba Cleaning, you can have your home and carpets cleaned. They seem to offer to deep clean your home to your satisfaction. Their expert team of home cleaners offers competitive prices to clean your home to a shine before Diwali! Also, new customers get a 15% discount on booking the cleaning package of their choice online at Nimba Cleaning.

Contact: 8887520340

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