Hemp clothing brands in India that you need to check!

Switching to an eco-friendly option can never be too late for the betterment of the environment. So to amp up your sustainable fashion game, we have got you a few hemp clothing brands in India to check out.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Hemp clothing brands in india

In recent years, the fashion industry has seen a surge in sustainable practices, and one material gaining traction is hemp. Renowned for its durability, breathability, and eco-friendliness, hemp clothing is making waves in India's fashion scene. Here are some top hemp clothing brands in India leading the way.

1. OG & Co 


OG & Co is a sustainable clothing brand. They make clothes from hemp, bamboo, and other natural materials. Their must-check-out apparel are the OG Tranquil Maroon Cargo Set and the OG Tranquil Beige Cargo Set for a summer vibe.

2. Kaamna


Kaamna is a conscious luxury label with sustainability at its core and boasts of sourcing GOTS-certified raw materials. They have a special collection called Ezlyn. Ezlyn is a collection of hand-painted stoles by skilled practitioners of the Madhubani art. They are designed in 100% hemp or 100% linen material as claimed by the brand. The stoles come in four different designs; African Motif, P-Kingdom,  Lotus Maze and Mandala Fusion.  

3. Earthy Tweens


Earthy Tweens is an eco-centric fashion kids’ clothing and toy brand. They sell a premium and stylish range of kids' wear, made out of organic materials like organic wool, cotton, hemp, linen, bamboo and linen.

4. Ecentric


Ecentric which means ‘Environment Centric' is a hemp-based clothing brand. From tribal style to funky embroidery and prints, they have a range in their 100% hemp-based collection as claimed by them. Their loungewear and yoga pants are a must-check from the lot. 

5. B Label


Founded with a commitment to sustainability, B Label produces stylish and comfortable hemp clothing for both men and women. From casual tees to elegant dresses, their collection showcases the versatility of hemp fabric.

6. Himalayan Hemp 


Himalayan Hemp is an eco-conscious brand that was launched to safeguard the indigenous Himalayan hemp community and Himalayan hemp plant. Kabushi Hemp kurtas from their collection are a must-check out. 

7. The House Of Hemp 


The House of Hemp is a sustainable fashion label. They use sustainable and environmentally friendly fabrics, such as hemp, to create designs, and their products are hand-embroidered by artisans. They are known for their Indo-Western collection and T-shirts.

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