Hair Care Essentials to Check Out for Healthy Hair!

Maintaining the shine and health of hair together can be a tedious task but with a good hair care routine and essentials. So, these might help!

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Be it summer or winter, your hair requires utmost care and if not maintained well, can either become frizzy, dull or lose its shine and original texture, none of which are good for its health. While it is always recommended to check with the hair-care specialists for any issues, you might also look for some options or the hair-care essentials whose inclusion might turn out to be good got your beautiful hair. Hence, check out these brands and a few of their options below and get started on your good hair-care journey!

Oils by Atulya


Oils are an integral part of the hair care routine and hence, you can check out Atulya for a variety of nourishing oils. You can pick up  Atulya Keratin & Wheat Protein Hair Oil which can protect hair from contamination, and dryness, and Moroccan Argan Hair Oil which might help soften and restore rough hair by deeply hydrating it. You can also pick up other oils like Pure Cold Pressed Castor Oil which helps rejuvenate the skin and body and is appropriate for all skin types and Pure Cold Pressed Sweet Almond Oil as it helps with managing scalp infection inflammation, mends wounds, stretch marks, and nourishes hair smoothed hair cuticles. You can also check out their Black Seed Kalonji Cold Pressed Oil which can be applied to acne and scars. The oil can also help regulate hair loss and maintain hair moisture. 

Hair Elixirs by Better Body Bombay


Hair strands are one of the most important parts to be taken care of for good-looking hair and that's when you require the elixirs for it. Check out the Onion Seed Extract Hair Growth Elixir by Better Body Bombay, which promises to improve hair strength and density and even protects against pollution. The serum also promises to eliminate frizz and improve the elasticity of hair strands. You can also try the Argan & Pistachio Hair Repair Elixir which helps replenish heavily styled or chemically treated hair. So, style your hair without worry!

Nourish, Revive, and Restore oils by Secret Alchemist


Talking about hair and not talking about its growth is just not possible and hence, you can find yourself the Nourish Hair Growth Oil by Secret Alchemist which is blended with Rosemary, Sandalwood, and ylang-ylang, stimulates the scalp, and nourishes the roots. You can also go for Revive Anti Hair Fall Oil, which strengthens the roots, relaxes, and boosts circulation to the scalp. Along with these, you can also go for Restore Premature Greying Oil, which ceases the greying of hair and nourishes the scalp. 

Shampoo, Repair Serum, and Hair Gloss by 2.Oh!


Looking for a shampoo as per your hair? Well, look no further than the Anti Yellow  Shampoo by 2.Oh! which has been specially developed for colored, highlighted, bleached, and grey hair. The shampoo promises to restore the salon-like shine and brightness. The brand also offers a Hair Repair Serum In Crème that is formulated with a blend of Strengthening Keratin and Nourishing Argan Oil to strengthen your hair from within. Along with these, do not forget to check out the Clear Gloss - Semi Permanent Hair Gloss for an instant radiant shine that lasts up to 3-5 washes. The hair gloss aims to make hair, silky-smooth!

Smoothing Kit, Scrub and Heat Protection Spray by Bare Anatomy 


If you want to go for a complete package for hair care, you might like to check out the Smoothing Kit by Bare Anatomy which comprises a mask, shampoo, and serum. The kit promises to smooth dry and frizzy hair, restore the condition of the scalp, and increase the moisture balance of the scalp. You can also go for Scalp Exfoliating Scrub which helps with the reduction of dandruff and also removes the oil build-up. Moreover, check out the Heat Protection Spray that promises to provide strong thermal protection at 450°F, moisturizes hair, and keeps it greasy and shiny. 

Detangling Comb and Silk Pillowcase by Xo Curls 


The hair just does not need nourishing but also good tackling. And, the Shower Detangling Comb by Xo Curls is one such way to go about it. Specially designed for curly hair, the comb glides through hair easily with minimal hair breakage which you can use to detangle wet hair or on dry hair to style. You can also pick the Curls Silk Pillowcase, Hair and Skin Protector, and Hydration Helper as a satin pillowcase is beneficial for the haircare routine. This pillowcase offers one side made of silk satin that aims to soften the effects of pressure on your hair and face. The other side is pure cotton that helps keep the pillowcase in place!

Post-Wash Hair Balm by Nat Habit 


Your hair needs extra care post-wash and hence, a post-wash balm becomes a must. Check out this Argan Grapeseed Post-Wash Hair Balm, which is prepared with rich, pure cold-pressed argan oil and grapeseed oil and protects cuticles from opening and getting damaged. As the product promises to contain no chemicals or preservatives, this can be an addition to the list of hair care products!

Hair Finishing Stick by Nourish Mantra


If your hair always chooses to fly away and ruin your look, it is time to check for the Nourish Mantra’s Hair Finishing Stick which flattens hair without making it look greasy. This is not just lightweight and compact but you can also take it anywhere as it is travel-friendly. The Hair stick also promises to help prevent the hair from being damaged. 

Water Softener by Avimee Herbal


Another post-hair water treatment must include a water softener that reduces the hardness of water in the hair hence, you can check out Avimee Herbal Instant Water Softener. Crafted from pure sugarcane juice extracts and the goodness of Apple Cider Vinegar, the water softener claims to transform ordinary water into a nourishing elixir for the hair and skin by reducing the hardness of water.



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