Check Out these Earthen Serveware Brands for Summer

The look and effect of earthen products in the kitchen and the table are something else. If you're looking to buy earthenware for summer that does the job and looks great, check out our picks below.

Srushti Pathak
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Earthen Serveware

It’s that time of the year when moms yell at kids to fill up empty water bottles and put them in the fridge. Long before refrigerators existed, earthen pitchers were the only option to get thanda thanda paani. Today, earthen serveware has made a comeback in a major way.

So if you want to bring home some novel earthen pots, plates and pitchers, then scroll through this list.

1. Ellementry

Image Courtesy: Ellementry

Ellementry is where nature meets tradition to handcraft beauty that goes beyond sight. Everything by the brand is handmade, eco-friendly, and ethically created. Their beautiful collection has more than just kitchenware. You can find tableware, wall, and home decor along with some furniture, accents, and lighting. 

Our Picks: For summer, you can pick up their terracotta baking dishes and pots with lids. The terracotta curd setter is adorable and the loaf pan is something else.

2. Swadeshi Blessings

Swadeshi Blessings
Image Courtesy: Swadeshi Blessings

Swadeshi Blessings is here with their kitchenware and home decor items made of ‘mitti’ (clay). The brand was seen in the second season of Shark Tank India. They sell earthenware cooking utensils and home decor made by local artisans.

Our Picks: The clay products are unglazed and the kadai, cooking pot and handi stand out.

3. Mitticool

Image Courtesy: Mitticool

Mitticool is all about re-growing rich lost roots of Indian culture into the modern environment. This brand prides its initiative on preserving old culture. They produce clay products and clay pots that lead to a healthy, natural life and also revive our rich tradition. The clay products have beautiful drawings that make them stand out. 

Our Picks: The clay dinner set has a plate, a tumbler and bowls.

4. Happy Earth Studio

Happy Earth Studio
Image Courtesy: Happy Earth Studio

This brand by Shruti is all about reviving the age-old craft of Terracotta pottery with a modern twist. The products come with fantastic designs and are microwave safe. You can even get some pieces personalised.

Our Picks: Serving pots, kettles and kulhads - all have our interest piqued.

5. Trance Terra

Trance Terra
Image Courtesy: Trance Terra

Trance Terra works with the local tribes who are traditionally skilled in crafting aesthetically beautiful products. Their passionate team of artisans are creating magic with mother earth. Trance Terra is an exclusive terracotta shop that makes eco-friendly and chemical-free products.

Our Picks: The casseroles are a fine choice and so are the bowls, cups and curd setters.

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