Be a "Thala for a reason" with these 'Dhoni Merch' in your collection!

Don't just say, "Thala for a reason," prove it by having these 'Dhoni Merch' in your wardrobe. Check out the list for t-shirts, caps, stickers, phone cases and more with your favourite cricketer's elements on them.

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Dhoni Merch

True admirers of our 'Captain Cool,' you got to check out these 'Dhoni Merch,' which feature clothes and accessories with his portraits, pictures of his iconic moments, famous quotes related to him and nicknames he has garnered in his cricketing career.  Find some quirky and classic M S Dhoni collectables to add to your wardrobe rather than just a regular Dhoni jersey that you might have. 

Dhoni Classic Victory T-Shirts from Kadak Merch 

Dhoni Classic Victory T-Shirt's

If you are a fan of Dhoni you will easily remember the number of trophies he has won. Even if you don't and want to keep a memory of his accolades, you should check out these merchandise from Kadak Merch. They feature Dhoni Classic Champions Trophy Victory T-Shirt, Dhoni Classic 2011 Victory T-Shirt, and Dhoni Classic T20 2007 Victory T-Shirt

Thala Dhoni Collection from Fully Filmy

Thala Dhoni Collection

Fully Filmy has some cool Dhoni-related merch and posters under their 'Thala Dhoni Collection'. The 'Defini7ely Not' merch is an ode to the number 7 jersey the legendary player wears. The 'He-Man Remake Poster' and the 'Dhoni - The Gangster Poster' are some quirky collectables that you can check out from here. 

MS Dhoni Collection from Redbubble

MS Dhoni Collection from Redbubble

Redbubble features a variety of MS Dhoni collectables which include; customised t-shirts, MS Dhoni Sticker, MS Dhoni Phone Cases, MS Dhoni Wallpaper Journals, Ms.Dhoni Backpacks, MS Dhoni Clip Arts and more. Although this is a foreign site, they deliver products in India. Standard delivery usually takes 20 days and express delivery usually takes 10 days.  

Dhoni's Famous Dialogue T-shirts from Fanatic Fox

Dhoni's Famous Dialogue T-shirts

If you also love Ravi Shashtri's iconic commentary, "Dhoni finishes off in style" and of course a Thala fan you might not want to miss out on this T-shirt from Fanatic Fox. It has the famous dialogue on it with the shot's picture. You can also check the 'Maahi Maar Raha Hai T-Shirt' which features the dialogue from MS's biopic. 

MS Dhoni Captain Cool T-shirt from Flook Lifestyle

MS Dhoni Captain Cool T-shirt

If you also think Mahi is cooler than anybody then check out this 'MS Dhoni Captain Cool Oversized Drop Shoulder T-Shirt' from Flook. It has a picture of Ms Dhoni playing a shot in Chennai Super King's jersey with the quote "Cooler Than You Think." As we all know he is the captain cool. 

MS Dhoni T-shirts from Shark Shirts

MS Dhoni T-shirts

You can check a range of MS Dhoni T-shirts from Shark Shirts. The 'Wicket Keeper MS Dhoni T-Shirt,' 'MS Dhoni 7 T-Shirt,' 'Beginners Are Many Finishers Are Few MS Dhoni T-Shirt' and more are available on their website. 

MS Dhoni Caps from Spreadshirt

ms dhoni cap

Hats and caps are an add-on to your classy looks and what better than having a cap that keeps you cool but also has an element of 'Captain Cool.' You can check out some classy-looking designer caps from Spreadshirt that have Dhoni's quotes or images on it. See the 'Dhoni is Calling Beanie,' and 'MS Dhoni Trucker Cap' and more. Although this is a foreign site, they deliver products in India. Standard delivery usually takes 10 to 20 days and express delivery usually takes 5 to 7 days.  

MS Dhoni Keychains from Peacockride 

MS Dhoni Keychains

Carry the key chains Thala style with portraits and quotes related to him. You can check out the 'Thank You Thala,' 'Coloursplash MS Dhoni,' 'Enga THALA Dhoni' and many others. These key chains are made with fine electro-metal and come with a 44 mm diameter. 

Nike Air Force 1 x MS Dhoni from Knickgasm

Nike Air Force 1 x MS Dhoni sneakers

This pair of shoes from Knickgasm is a must-have for any sneaker-heads who are a fan of Dhoni. It is a unique and eye-catching pair of M S Dhoni Custom Hand Painted Nike Sneakers that gives you a feeling of customization and a collectable of your favourite cricketer.   

Thala for a Reason T-Shirt from Craft My Thrift

Thala for a Reason T-Shirt

How can we forget the iconic "Thala for a Reason" merch when we are talking about the former Indian cricket team captain's collection? This 'Seven Thala For a Reason Exclusive Yellow T-Shirt' from Craft My Thrift is a unisex t-shirt with bright yellow colour and a popular meme reference. 

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