8 Delhi-Based Apparel Brands You Need to Add to Your Wardrobe

Delhi people sure take pride in everything in Delhi. The same holds true in their clothing style also. Not only Delhiites but people throughout the country should check out these Delhi-based apparel brands and add them to their wardrobes. 

Divya Chauhan
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Delhi based clothing brands

Are you brand-conscious? Brand consciousness is so much more than collecting fancy clothing from big brands. It also means supporting new labels that align with your thinking and philosophy. The new labels try to be ethical, and sustainably strong and bring out a whole new pop of colours, styles, and patterns. If you want to make your wardrobe represent Delhi in some way or the other, you should definitely check out these homegrown Delhi-based apparel brands without any delay.

1. Dressfolk

Image Courtesy: Dressfolk

This sustainable brand is focused on making traditional textiles and crafts in contemporary silhouettes. It has a vast collection of traditional pieces like sarees and Western outfits. The outfits are carefully handwoven with certified organic fabrics as the brand claims. The brand works closely with 250 weavers, and 40 artisans spread across 6 states and provide them fair prices for enhanced livelihood.

Price:  INR 2,250 onwards

2. Delhiwear

Image Courtesy: Delhiwear

Delhiwear is a clothing brand that has one of the best street styles to flaunt with that desi look you have. The brand normalizes edgy looks. The range is versatile from Nehru jackets to Khaki overalls to trench coats. Its clothing collection name DUKAAN and VARDI gives just the local vibe Delhiites are looking for.

Price:  INR 3,199 onwards

3. Doodlage 

Image Courtesy:  Doodlage

One of the popular Delhi-based apparel brands is Doodlage. Founded in 2012 by Kirti Tula, the brand focuses on eco-friendly fashion for men, women, as well as kids, without compromising the style quotient. It offers dresses, shirts, tops, patchwork jackets, and bags. The highlight of the brand is that it produces garments by upcycling discarded and left-over fabrics from large manufacturers - a perfect example of 'one person's garbage is another person's treasure.' Other materials used in clothing include cotton, banana fibres and corn.

Price:  INR 1,500 onwards

4. Eka 

Eka Clothing
Image Courtesy: Eka

Eka label, founded by Rina Singh, features minimalistic design clothing. The vibrant colour palette with all kinds of pastels and beautiful pattern designs charms customers. Women's clothing has all the items, including dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, trousers, sarees, accessories, etc. while men can shop for shirts, jackets, and trousers.

Price: INR 5,500 onwards

5. Buna Studio 

Buno Studio
Image Courtesy: Buna Studio

Pallavi Santam, a NIFT Fashion Graduate founded Buna Studio. The women's collection is hand-stitched with intricate details by the artisanal communities of West Bengali, Gujarat and Rajasthan. You will find everything at the studio, from co-ords to mini dresses. Made with organic materials, the garments are lightweight and breathable. Buna's aesthetic will strike anyone having a thing for pastel palettes or looking to upgrade their summer/spring wardrobe.

Price: INR 9,000 onwards

6. Little Things Studio 

Little Things Studio
Image Courtesy: Little Things Studio

The label is founded by Ankita Srivastava. The clothing at Little Things Studio is all about the blend of Indian fabric and crafts with Western aesthetics. The wide range of collections at Little Things Studio has varied fashion illustrations and intricate motifs. You can shop for traditional as well as Western attires here.

Price: INR 6,000 onwards

7. BeYours

Image Courtesy: Beyours

BeYours is a minimalist men's clothing brand that aims to provide comfortable and chic clothing at reasonable pricing. The timeless clothing pieces are evergreen in your wardrobe, for all occasions and seasons. The brand offers t-shirts, shirts, pants, trousers, sweatpants, joggers, and summer shorts. The colour variety is something that one hardly finds in conventional brands.

Price: INR 800 onwards

8. The Loom

The Loom
Image Courtesy: The Loom 

Are you obsessed with handlooms and summer dresses? The Loom might be the place for you to see the beautiful amalgamation of the two. The fusion clothing at the Loom is incredible. When are you channelling your inner hipster with the loom's collections?

Price: INR 600 Onwards 

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