Creating a Culture in an Organisation: Insights by Arpita Das, Founder of Auraa Talents

Prioritising values like open communication, supporting work-life balance, promoting innovation and problem-solving help organisations grow. Read how Arpita Das, Founder of Auraa Talents, shaped her leadership style, approach and overall mindset.

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Organisation Culture

As a firm believer of ‘Practise what you Preach’, one of the foundational values that cultivates an efficient team is mutual respect, open communication, and support for well-being. Understanding the significance of 'Listening to Hear', particularly in a service-oriented industry, not only improves team dynamics but also leaves a lasting impression on clients. Respect also translates to understanding one’s dedication and taking the initiative to lead by example. After all, meaningful relationships are built on effort and patience. 

Open communication ensures that ideas are heard and understood, promoting innovation and problem-solving. Supporting well-being includes work-life balance, mental health, and overall employee wellness. Irrespective of scale, it’s important to celebrate progress, automatically translating to motivation. Prioritising these values helps organisations cultivate a conducive and nurturing workspace for growth and success.

Here are a few other key pointers to keep in mind to ensure you are setting a favourable culture.

Company Culture

Adapt, Not Respond 

The internet can be highly Informative. However, variations to the same information can only be misleading. It’s important to remind yourself what you see on social media is not the truest presentation of what it takes. While being equally open to change, it’s important to focus on circling down to what changes would suit best. Implementing processes that allow quick and informed decisions to respond promptly to market changes and opportunities should be an ongoing focus. 

Earn Credibility 

While credits earn credibility, it takes continuous actions of consistency in terms of service, loyalty and meeting expectations to be best known via word of mouth, your ultimate goal through marketing. There is no stronger SEO than finessing in what you do and how you connect with your audience. It’s a journey of understanding and implementing tangible feedback. 

Continuous Evaluation 

The place of Business is as rewarding as the amount of dedication it takes. To be constantly evolving, it’s important to stay consistent in paying attention to one’s performance in each endeavour, avoiding depreciating assets of any shape or form. 

Morals and Ethics are your Business's Greatest Asset 

Your company is a direct representation of what you believe in. Culture is not just about policies and procedures; it's about fostering a community where morals and ethics are upheld as your greatest strengths. By prioritising integrity, respect, and professionalism, you create a foundation for success built on trust, collaboration, and lasting relationships. Together, you shape a culture that defines who you are and propels you towards a brighter future.

Office Culture

The entertainment industry has long been viewed from two distinct perspectives. In recent years, there has been a significant evolution towards understanding the importance of diversity. It brings us immense joy to welcome and represent talents who are not solely judged by industry norms but are celebrated for their determination to become the best versions of themselves. This approach not only helps them recognize their own capabilities, but also earns them recognition among their peers. In our journey, empathy has been a cornerstone of service. Empathising with the client's vision from their point of view is pivotal in placing talents, building mutual trust and confidence in our expertise.

My journey with my company didn't start with just another agency; it was about cultivating a vibrant community.While understanding how an agency works and reflecting on hardships of my own as a model. My vision was to create a space built on safety, trust and empowerment. At my company, hierarchy isn't a barrier but a means of organisation. I passionately empower each individual to carve their unique path, encouraging collaboration and growth beyond titles or past experiences. Witnessing each member's remarkable evolution, driven by sheer determination, has been truly inspiring. We relentlessly pursue excellence, believing in unleashing the inherent greatness within each of us.

My personal spin on a popular Winston Churchill saying goes like this; “We shape our team; thereafter, our team shapes us”. By taking the extra effort to personally connect and guide each one of them, I was able to set the stage for mutual growth, ownership and professionalism. In return, it enabled me to shape my leadership style, approach and overall mindset. Ensuring a cross functional work style enabled some of our employees to unleash potential beyond their own imagination. This close association pertains through our talents as well. Our grooming sessions for models focus on refining their skills and presentation, to exude their best self. We equally prioritise education for informed decisions, self-belief, and confidence in our models ensuring they are well-prepared for the modelling and entertainment industry, while our support ensures they feel valued and secure.

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