Know about Colocal Chocolate Factory: India's first live chocolate factory!

The Colocal Chocolate Factory in Delhi is a first-of-its-kind live chocolate factory that makes chocolates only with Indian-origin cocoa and cane sugar.

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Colocal Chocolate Factory

Chocolates are something that none of us can resist. The sweet decadence immediately transports us to our childhood days. Actually, that wouldn't be entirely correct to say because chocolate is something that sees no age boundaries to impress anyone. And what if you get the chance to see the process of chocolate-making? Would you still take your age into consideration? No, right? At least we wouldn’t. If you are also in this club, you would definitely want to know and experience the chocolate-making process at India’s first live chocolate factory, Colocal.

Sheetal Saxena
Sheetal Saxena, Co-founder of Colocol Chocolates (Image Courtesy: Colocol Chocolates/Instagram)

All of us are impressed by fascinating and unique things that come on our Instagram feed but few of us dare to do something of those kinds. Sheetal Saxena, who used to work as a banker garnered interest in chocolate-making after watching videos on Instagram and wanted to learn and implement this art into a business venture. Sheetal, with her husband and owner of Roastery Coffee House India, set up a first-of-its-kind live chocolate factory. Located in the heart of Delhi (Dhan Mill compound), Colocal Chocolate Factory is a representation of Indian cacao farmers and Indian craft chocolate. The brand, on its website, mentions, “We are focused on bringing out really good chocolate, using only two ingredients: Indian Cacao Beans and Cane Sugar.” The most amazing part about their making process is that the products are made with Indian-origin beans. 

process of chocolate making
Process of chocolate-making (Image Courtesy: Colocol Chocolates/Instagram)

The fine chocolates are made at the factory by master craft chocolate makers. They are involved in end-to-end processing from sourcing beans to supervising the fermentation and taking the whole bean to the process. Craft chocolate making introduced roasting, which is step one and the beans are roasted in a customised roaster (Giesen roaster) by Colocal. The temperature of cacao beans is different from coffee beans hence the roaster has to be modified according to the temperature for the lower drum speed. 

Colocol Chocolates
Colocol Chocolates (Image Courtesy: Colocol Chocolates/Instagram)

Finally, the chocolates are made of Indian cacao and cane sugar in their distinctive chocolate content (ranging from 55% to 85% cocoa) and flavours which are called inclusion bars; Hazelnut, Sea Salt, Nuts, Caramel and Sea Salt (limited edition chocolate bar specially crafted for Roastery Coffee’s fourth anniversary). Once done, they are ready to be sold in the market.

Colocal Cafe
Colocal Cafe (Image Courtesy: Colocol Chocolates/Instagram)

This chocolate factory also has a 65-seater Colocal Cafe which is simple, elegant and a representation of the outside tropical environment that surrounds their cacao harvest merged with contemporary sunny dispositions perfect for all occasions. This is popularly known for desserts and hot chocolate made with Indian chocolate and all-day-dine menu.

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