National Technology Day: Know these Brands offering Smart Helmets

The smart helmets come up with various features to help prevent accidents while also making sure you have a comfortable and enjoyable experience wearing them.

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The development of technology is essential for the growth of the country. India is seeing a technological revolution and start-ups have been a great addition to the same. Today, on the occasion of World Technology Day, we are talking about how technology helps in aiding in the digital era. Check out these brands that are offering digital, smart helmets that aim to prevent road accidents. 

Ather Energy



Ather Energy offers HALO helmets that provide the Bluetooth feature along with integrated music and call control facilities. You can put it on and it connects with the Bluetooth automatically. These helmets are ISI and DOT-certified. The average price for the helmets ranges between Rs 4,999 to 12,999. It also has wireless charging facilities so that you can always be ready to take your bike trip! 




Shellios makes helmets for the digital age. Their Puros range of helmets is integrated with an air purification system, a blower fan, and a cordless device with a dedicated rechargeable power supply. It also has a custom-designed fiberglass shell for extra durability which also aims to reduce the visor fogging and pollution exposure. These helmets are available for Rs 4,500.

JMD Helmets



Lightweight with dynamic ventilation, the helmets by JMD Helmets also feature scratch-resistant polycarbonate visors. They have a high-density construction of three pieces - head, cheek, and chin - with Polystyrene liners for better impact absorption. The comfort liner of the helmets is made of a combination of knit, mesh, and polyester. Additionally, the helmets are equipped with an emergency scan sticker that works with any mobile QR Scanner app. These helmets are available in the price range between Rs 1,000 and Rs 2,000.

Altor Smart Helmet



The smart headgears by Altor Smart Helmets come with speakers, a microphone, swipepad. The helmets also come up with sensors to help prevent accidents that are often caused on roads. The helmets have touch/gesture-enabled functions, easy audio navigation and fast Bluetooth connectivity. 




The smart Bluetooth helmets by Headfox use cutting-edge DSP echo cancellation as well as noise suppression technology aiming to ensure clear music and voice calls. They also have an extended battery for 48 hours of talk time with two headphones giving audio stereo sound. You can get these helmets at a price range between Rs 4,000 to 5,000.

    So, the next time you are buying a helmet, make sure you check the Indian and homegrown brands and make a smart selection!


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