10 Times Brand Knock-offs Made us Laugh with their Humourous Dupes

Upma, Naik, Adibas, Pizza Hot, Elvi's, Legs, no these are not typos from our end but some brand knock-offs that made us laugh and might give you a nice giggle as well.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Brand knock-offs

People and their creativity never fail to put in the effort to make us laugh with some or the other stunt and one of the popular scenarios is the knock-offs of famous brands that give you a nice chuckle. With these dupes available in every market and store across the country or elsewhere, they make us take a look at them and give us a good laugh, sometimes amazement and sometimes embarrassment. 

1. Time to eat a TikTok rather than making one 

kit kat indian version

Well, we all know TikTok as a platform for creating and sharing short videos but did you know they make wafer biscuits as well? We are just kidding, the image above is a dupe of chocolate-covered wafer bar confections, KitKat. 

2. This chip is recommended after a leg day at the gym

copy of lays chips

We are not serious about the title but this brand is sure to make you laugh with its knock-off product for the famous chips, Lays. Contrary to its name, we are sure this is a vegetarian chip. 

3. Copying in its true sense

adiads copy

You might be surprised but this brand, Adibas (a knock-off of Adidas) sells a range of sports and wearable products like shoes, jerseys and watches. You can find them on e-commerce portals like Amazon, Flipkart and Meesho. In fact, Adidas has a lot many other names like Ajitdas which even industry veteran Anand Mahindra shared on his social media 

4. You can donate your burgers here


This knock-off of the famous fast-food brand McDonald's is sure to make you laugh with its name. McDoner's as the name goes is not a donation organization but a fast-food chain where you can get burgers, shawarama and more.

5. NAIK nahi Khalnayak (Nike) hu me

nike fake names

If you LIKE to HIKE with your friends NIKI and MIKE, just do it man because these fake brands of Nike are doing whatever they wish to. 

6. What happens when you mix Mountain Dew and 7-Up?

7 Dew

We are not sure what happens when we mix Mountain Dew and 7-Up but we have found out the name of the product that can emerge if these two soft drinks are mixed together. It makes a 7 Dew. It's your turn to make a tagline for the new brand combining both the drink's slogans.

7. One pizza that's HOT and one that has A DOMINO effect

Pizza Hot and Adomino

Everyone likes their pizza hot but what about the sentiments of Pizza Hut when they will see their knock-off in India? Similarly, nobody likes to drop their pizza but it is bound to happen when it's from 'A Domino.'

8. Are you craving for Upma? Buy these shoes!

Wait, what? We are not asking you to do this, this copy brand of Puma, named 'Upma' points out something like this. Well, just like us one person came across Puma copy shoes and posted on X (former Twitter), which was spotted by Swiggy Instamart, an online delivery platform that sells MTR Upma mix to further continue the fun banter. 

If this is not enough for you to go in shock, you will go in 'Coma' after watching this fake brand name.

Coma fake puma

9. What if Dove soap was written in the past tense?

Dove soap copy

It would have been Dave. Sorry for that awful pun but we tried outsmarting this fake brand of Dove soap which apparently named itself Dave to rebrand. 

10. Elvis's Bhai ke aage koi bol sakta hai kya....

Levi's Copy

Well, somebody took this literally and made a knock-off of Levi's, a clothing brand. We stumbled upon it and had only one meme running in our minds. 

knock-off product fake brands of Nike Puma copy shoes copy brand of Puma fake brand name fake brand of Dove knock-off of Levi's