Taste the Flavours of Bihari Aachar with these Pickle Brands!

Wondering were to get the authentic Bihari aachar for this summer? We have some brands that might satiate your cravings for a tangy and tasty pickle.

Hitanshu Bhatt
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Summertime calls for a tangy time with our favourite mealtime accompaniment - aachar, especially if it's from the state of Bihar. A state rich in culture and culinary heritage boasts a vibrant tradition of pickling which can be called ‘Bihari Aachar’. From tangy mango pickles to spicy mixed vegetable varieties, Bihari pickle is celebrated for its unique flavours and aromatic spices. Let’s have a look at some of the brands offering Bihari aachar.

1. JhaJi 


The 'Jha' in the name of the brand stands for the founders' last name who hail from the land of Mithilanchal in Bihar and the 'Ji' is the respect given for calling anybody's name. The founders of JhaJi - Kalpana Jha and Uma Jha are famously known as 'Darbhanga Ki Famous Nanad-Bhabhi Ki Jodi.' Their offerings in the Bihari pickle consist of Mithila Special Mango Pickle also known as Bihari Aam ka Aachar.

2. Bihari Khadi 


Straight out of Bihar, Bihari Khadi is yet another brand that you can check out for authentic Bihari pickles. This brand is run by the Bihar State Khadi & Village Industries Board which aims to promote products from the state. You can check out their pickles such as Bihari Khadi Jackfruit Pickle, Bihari Khadi Mango Pickle, Bihari Khadi Green Chilli and others. 

3. Dadu Dadi's Kitchen


Dadu Dadi's Kitchen claims to be India’s first customized pickle-making brand. They provide a vast range of pickles, tailor-made to suit tastes and preferences. Customers can simply mention the ingredients they want the pickle in and they make it for them. Along with the customisation option, they have the usual flavours as well. They claim their Bihari Mango Pickle is free from artificial preservatives and has no chemicals. 

4. Little Indian Spice


Little Indian Spice brings the flavours of different Indian cultures in the form of pickles. The brand claims to be 100% natural, bringing handmade and locally sourced heirloom recipes. You can check out the Bihari Mango Pickle which is a fusion of raw green mangoes, spices, and mustard oil.

5. Rina's Gourmet Pickles 


Rina's Gourmet Pickles is a women-led business aiming at reviving the tradition by bringing authentic pickles back to your table. As mentioned, their pickles are made from cold-pressed oils and contain no preservatives. They are also a FSSAI-approved brand as mentioned on their website. For their Bihari range, you can try their Traditional Bihari Aam ka Khatta Achaar. 

6. Yo Bihari 


Yo Bihari's social media claims to be India's first Bihari-style premium food manufacturer. As mentioned they offer organic, homemade, no chemical or preservative food products which include pickles as a premier find. You can check out their Homemade Mango Pickles. 

7. Desi Achar 


Desi Achar is an aachar brand from West Bengal. They claim to bring 100% natural ingredients and preservative-free pickles with a range of options like the Homemade Garlic Pickle, Ginger Garlic Pickle, Grated Mango Pickle, Mango Pickle and Oal or Elephant Yam Pickle.

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