How AS-IT-IS Nutrition is trying to reshape the supplement intake with its one-ingredient protein supplements

Read how the problem of counterfeit supplements led Himmath Jain and Arvind Jain to start AS IT IS Nutrition - a protein supplement brand that aims to make supplements safe to consume.

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AS-IT-IS Nutrition

The protein supplement industry has garnered significant attention from fitness enthusiasts in recent years. Proteins have become almost indispensable for replenishing lost energy during workouts or any form of exercise. While several supplement players have established themselves in this pioneering industry, like every burgeoning industry, the protein supplement business also encounters challenges such as duplication and high costs.

The story of AS-IT-IS Nutrition began amidst the prevalence of counterfeit and overpriced supplements flooding the market. "Many types of fake supplements are sold in the market, and even today when you walk the streets of Chandni Chowk in Delhi, you will find duplicates of internationally branded Whey Protein products, which typically cost Rs. 7000, being sold for Rs. 700, raising health concerns," says Himmath Jain, Co-founder & Director of AS-IT-IS Nutrition, as he further discusses the industry and his company in this article.

Himmath Jain, Co-founder and Director, of AS-IT-IS Nutrition

To address this issue, AS-IT-IS opted for a minimalist approach, offering single-ingredient products with no added sugars, salts, or artificial flavors, and launched the company in 2018. Operations began with a bootstrapped model, with an initial investment of less than Rs. 5 lakhs, and the company has not raised any funding to date. Himmath stressed that despite being among some well-established players and being a bootstrapped company, the brand achieved immense success within just 3 months of its inception.

This success comes from the company's unique selling proposition of producing whey protein with only one ingredient, which is the by-product of cheese, without adding any other ingredients. Similarly, their peanut butter is made from a single ingredient. However, the question of sweeteners arises when discussing peanut butter. The peanuts used are sourced from Rajkot, Gujarat, and naturally contain a slight sweetness, eliminating the need for extra sugar, which is also not beneficial for health.

Adulteration is a sensitive topic in the nutraceutical industry. To ensure product authenticity and maintain complete transparency, the team at AS-IT-IS has developed a comprehensive verification system. Each pack features a unique QR code that can be scanned using the company's app. Additionally, there's a scratch code that the app reads to confirm a genuine product. "If any customer proves anything mentioned on the labeling as untrue, we provide a 200% Money Back Guarantee, along with covering the lab testing charges they incur," says Himmath, emphasizing the company's commitment to transparency regarding its claims.

AS-IT-IS Nutrition's Single-ingredient series

In addition to its focus on quality and authenticity, AS-IT-IS also prioritizes minimal packaging. While conventional protein supplements often come in bulky containers, AS-IT-IS products are packaged in pouches, which not only saves space but also reduces bulkiness. This streamlined packaging helps the company lower costs and offer protein to customers at a more affordable price compared to other options on the market.

Everyday gym-goers, bodybuilders, and individuals looking to meet their protein requirements can benefit from AS-IT-IS's diverse range of protein-based products, including plant protein, pea protein, brown rice protein, soy protein, etc. However, not everyone prefers their proteins unflavored.

AS-IT-IS Nutrition's Atom Series

After three years of successful operations in single ingredient-based protein, customers were very happy with the quality. However, they also expressed a desire for something tasty as well as healthy," says the co-founder. The brand realized the need to adapt to this change and add flavors to their proteins, as customers prefer their intake to be both healthy and tasty. However, to maintain the identity of single-ingredient-based protein, they launched their sub-brand Atom, which offers a full range of proteins in 48 flavors, along with other supplements made of natural ingredients. Today, the brands collectively sell 1.4 lakh units per month, with an Annual Revenue Rate of Rs. 220 Cr.

To leverage this commitment, the brand partners with various personalities and sportspeople whom customers can resonate with. Himmath says, “Over 250 athletes, influencers, and sportspeople from various fields like wrestling and cricket have used our supplements.” The brand has recently enlisted Indian cricketer Ravindra Jadeja as their brand ambassador, someone whom like-minded people will resonate with. Additionally, famous wrestler Ravi Kumar Dahiya has been associated with the brand. The co-founder believes that by challenging the status quo and redefining industry norms, the brand has not only transformed the protein supplement market but also inspired a new generation of consumers to prioritize their health and well-being.

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