5 Decor Finds that can make your home bright and quirky!

It is time to celebrate your home! So, make sure you have the essentials ready and enjoy the time where you live for most of your time. So, what are you waiting for? check out!

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When it's time to spruce up our humble abodes, it's not just about banishing dust bunnies and organizing clutter – it's about injecting some pizzazz into our living spaces! After all, who doesn't want a home that practically radiates good vibes and makes every day feel like a celebration? But, let's face it, turning our decor dreams into reality without breaking the bank can feel like a Herculean task. But fret not, amigos! We're here to spill the beans on 5 budget-friendly decor must-haves that'll jazz up your digs and have your guests ooh-ing and ahh-ing in no time!

1. Come Home Ceramic wall plates by The Plated Project



The walls of your homes certainly need to look colourful and vibrant and the ceramic wall plates by The Planted Project are definitely going to serve the purpose well!  You can check out their Coming Home plates with two 5-inch art plates, a foldable display stand, a pre-attached wall mount, and special cards with a story. So, if you want to add the tint of colours to your walls, check this out!

Price: Rs 1,499

2. Wooden Pendant Light by The White Teak Company



If you want to maintain the elegance of your home and want to go minimal with the decor, you might want to add one popping element to make it look beautiful and we think the  Goodbye Hurts Wooden Pendant Light by The White Teak Company is that one element that you should check out! The cylindrical canopy with an acrylic diffuser shade in yellow is surrounded by beautiful wooden rings and the pendant light is inspired by the Bohemian decor style that you can opt for the minimalist settings. 

Price: Rs 7,450

3. Botanic Fabric Wooden Ottoman by Nest Roots



How about adding a quirky furniture piece this time? Well, just check out the Botanic Fabric Wooden Ottoman by Nest Roots which, with its printed cotton fabric adds a lively style to the round ottoman. So, go for something stylish yet quirky and get ready to welcome your guests with livelier settings!

Price: 2,499

4. Crane Flight Maroon Velvet Cushion Cover by Sarita Handa



Cushions truly define the beauty of the furniture and hence, we believe, you must have vibrant cushion covers that go perfectly with the mood of the summer season! Hence, check out this Crane Flight Maroon Velvet Cushion Cover by Sarita Handa, which, with its colour and traditional patterns makes sure your home is ready to embrace all vibrant aesthetics!

Price: Rs 3,500

5. Slate & Sunshine Ceramic Vase Set by Glimpses Home 



Handcrafted in ceramic, the classic palette of grey, white, and orange of the Slate & Sunshine Ceramic Vase Set by Glimpses Home seems to be another right pick for setting up your home. The set of flower vases with a sleek matte finish is perfect to keep blooms such as Pampas Grass and Baby's Breath. So, take home these vases and get ready to spread smiles as the flowers smile in your vases!

Price: Rs 1,999

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