abCoffee offers specialty coffee starting from just Rs.77 in Mumbai!

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abCoffee offers specialty coffee starting from just Rs.77 in Mumbai!

abCoffee is also India's first Tech-enabled affordable specialty coffee company that serves freshly brewed coffee at affordable rates to coffee enthusiasts on the go.

If you are someone who can't survive without 3 good cups of coffee and is also guilty of spending thousands of rupees every month for the same at fancy cafes? Then abCoffee can be a quick fix for your palate as this coffee place is offering freshly brewed specialty coffee at pocket-friendly rates starting from just Rs. 77!


"Coffee is treated as a luxury"

A brainchild of Abhijeet Anand, who hails from a small town in Bihar, an International Young Professional Awardee, and an entrepreneur, AbCoffee does taste like a game changer. After travelling to 22 countries, when he came back to India in 2021 from Europe, he realized he was spending 25k per month on coffee, and this sparked a curiosity. He realized it was the same amount that he was spending abroad and felt something was definitely wrong.

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"I then travelled across the country for the next 12 months, visited 200 cafes, and realized there was nothing in the affordable space for coffee lovers, except for instant coffee, which has a large percentage of chicory, an adulteration which is added to make the coffee thick. You will never get a cappuccino for under 200 bucks anywhere, and even if it's there, the taste is not up to the mark. And so, I concluded that in India, coffee is still treated as a luxury and not as something necessary", explained Abhijeet, who is now bringing coffee at a price that makes sense with great quality and taste.

A hassle-free coffee takeaway option

AbCoffee uses Italian-made espresso machines to brew its delectable hot and cold coffee, where nothing is priced above Rs. 177. The coffee beans are sourced from Chikmagalur in Karnataka, which produces 75% -80% of coffee in India. The service is also pretty quick, and they have an extensive menu that also features 6 food items, including croissants and brownies.

"So, there’s a link on the website where one can order the coffee in just 3 clicks. All our outlets are listed there, and it automatically shows the one near your location. So you place your order and grab it on your way. We are also going to add 6 more snack items that complement coffee by the end of this month", he further added.

Abhijeet and his team are currently building a WhatsApp-enabled chatbot to make the order process even smoother and are also supporting students by hiring and training them as baristas. Our picks from the menu are Caramel Latte, devil's Cold chocolate, mocha, and ice oat cold milk cappuccino.

Where: Multiple outlets across Mumbai.

When: 8 am – 12midnight

Price: Rs.77 onwards

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