Beyond the Screen: Businesses backed and brands owned by Sunny Leone!

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Beyond the Screen: Businesses backed and brands owned by Sunny Leone!

Not just an actress but also a smart businesswoman, Sunny Leone is an entrepreneur as well, and here is a list of businesses and brands owned by her.

Love her or hate her, but you can't deny the fact that she has a massive fan following and is definitely one of the most popular actors in the country. But that's not it, she is also a smart business person and owns 3 brands, a production company, and has invested in various businesses as well. And, so here's the list of the brands owned by Sunny Leone, along with other businesses that she has invested in.

1. Star Struck Cosmetics


Sunny Leone launched Star Struck Cosmetics in 2018, which is a vegan and PETA-certified cosmetic brand that offers a range of lipsticks, concealers, primers, and every essential makeup product. Her husband, Daniel Webber, is the co-owner, and in 2019, the duo also launched an innerwear brand called Infamous by Starstruck.

2. Premier Futsal 


Sunny is not just the brand ambassador but also the co-owner of the Kochi-based franchise Kerala Cobras, a premier Futsal football team.

3. SunCity Media and Entertainment 


In 2019, Leone started a production company SunCity Media and Entertainment with her husband, Daniel Weber, which is the parent company of 3 of her brands, I am Animal, Affetto, and Starstruck.

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4. Affetto


Another brand founded and owned by Leone and her husband, Affetto, is a fragrance brand that offers perfume, mists, and deodorants for both men and women.

5. I Am Animal


I Am Animal is a unisex athleisure brand that claims to be 100% organic and cruelty-free. Targetted towards the new age of individuals, this brand was founded in 2021 by Leone and Weber and is even PETA-approved.

6. HauterFly


Sunny Leone is also an equity investor in a digital publication named Hauterfly which writes about fashion and lifestyle and is targeted toward millennial women in the country. She is also the brand ambassador of the same.

7. I Dream of Sunny


Sunny Leone is also one of the first actresses in the country who have secured their digital assets and founded I Dream of Sunny, which is an e-platform where users can play games. It is an amalgamation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), fan verse, gaming, lucky draw, and more. The users can purchase NFT cards available on the website to play the weekly games as well as a chance to interact with her.

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