Star Wars merchandise for you if you are obsessed with the franchise!

From music box, to hoodies, to fridge magnet to baby yoda mug, to themed socks, there is something for every Star Wars fan. So what are you grabbing from the list?

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star wars merchandise

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... well, if you are also smiling just like us, high five, as we, too, love Star Wars and still not over this fantastic series. It is still one of the most epic movie franchises to be made and was probably the best space movie series of its time. So, if this intro has given you a shot of nostalgia, why not re-watch the series and also shop a little? Check out these Star Wars merchandise that we can't wait to buy.

1. Diary, poster, phone covers, and more from Macmerise



You will find phone covers, diaries, coasters, and laptop skins featuring different quotes from Star Wars at this e-store called Macmerise. We love how smart and neat the products are, and is a must-check because of the multiple options.

2. Star Wars music box from First Cry


May the Force Be With You by John Williams will always be iconic for its melodious composition, and that's why getting your hands on this Star Wars music box is a must. Check First Cry for the same!!

3. Earpod case from Hanging Owl


How cool these silicon ear pod covers by Hanging Owl are? There's Yoda, Stormtrooper, and Darth Vader, the three most popular characters from the series, and have all our attention, because who doesn't love them?

4. Socks from Balenzia

star wars merchandise

There's an entire collection of socks on Balenzia that's dedicated to Star Wars, and the ones we selected are our favourites. The socks are available in different styles, from crew to high-ankle and low cuts.

5. Bobblehead from The Peppy Store

star wars merchandise

We are totally in love with these bobbleheads of Stormtrooper and Darth Vader and if are also finding them cute, why not get one for yourself from The Peppy Store?

6. Keychain from The Product Lab


Keychain person? If yes, a collection of Star wars inspired keychains is waiting for you at The Product Lab. They also have lapel pins and stickers if you are up for curating a star wars merch collection!

7. Fridge magnet from Living Matters


You'll find some cute fridge magnets, cushions, and diaries on Living Matters that are Star Wars themed and we are in love with them. Do check them out, as the merch looks great.

8. Hoodies and T-shirts from Ektarfa

star wars merchandise

Wear your love for this epic franchise and shop some hoodies, T-shirts, tops, and sweatshirts from Ektarfa. The collection looks fun, and there are options for both men and women.

9. Baby Yoda Mug from Tiny Miny Mo

star wars merchandise

Nothing beats baby Yoda when it comes to being cute, and if you too adore it, get this ceramic coffee mug from Tiny Miny Mo. It's got great detailing and has a glossy finish!

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