When the pizza by Andheri-based The Greedyman Pizzeria changed our ambience with flavoured slices!

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When the pizza by Andheri-based The Greedyman Pizzeria changed our ambience with flavoured slices!

While we were indulging on a regular day, the pizza from The Greedyman Pizzeria, a cloud Kitchen based in Andheri, Mumbai, bumped into us. Check what happened next!

"Pizzas are here!" exclaimed a co-worker as four boxes of Pizza from Greedyman Pizzeria arrived at our office. Such is the love for Pizza that this food item itself feels like a celebration or an essential when people organize small-level parties or even gatherings. Although, it was not a cocktail for us, the arrival of the decent yet good-taste Pizza indeed filled the environment with cheesy-flavoured smoke making our day contentful.

To start with, the Pizza came in larger boxes, each containing six pieces or, as they are called, 'Medium-sized pizza.' The packages did not include the names of the type of Pizza — which usually they never do — we were quick to distinguish between Emma, Shrooms, Chicken, and Pork. Simplifying it would be the first two veg and the next, as it suggests, non-veg.



Emma, one of the veg pizzas appeared to be colourful with a mix of red and green veggies owing to the slices of tomatoes and spinach! Being a colourful presentation, Emma was made in San Marzano tomato sauce and olive oil, including ricotta, garlic, and red bell pepper. Among the two veg pizzas, Emma was the most favourable and creamy to our tongues due to its flavoured taste. It did not take us much time to complete the flaky slices and the tender toppings.



Another veg pizza that followed the first was the Shrooms with the oven-roasted mushroom on the top, making us identify the pizza easily. This pizza was also made in San Marzano tomato sauce and olive oil, with the major ingredients used being roasted garlic and caramelized onion. It came decked with mozzarella and parmesan sprinkle, which surely, looked promising and felt light and juicy. The ultimate sweetish flavour sat right for a few and not for some. But we can surely remember it as chewy yet creamy.

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Jerk Chicken

Talking about the Jerk Chicken, the pizza appeared usual and was made in the San Marzano tomato sauce again. Prepared in Olive oil, the highlight of the pizza was the Jerk marinated grilled chicken along with jalapenos, sun-dried tomatoes, and chilies. The pizza, however, did not appeal to our taste buds much, but a few of us liked the amalgamation of sweetness and spice.


Goan Pork Chorizo

On the other hand, Goan Pork Chorizo first pleased us with its aroma, even before it could satisfy our tongues. By the mere opening of the box, we could get a sniff of pork, and isn’t that amazing? The pizza, cooked in olive oil and tomato sauce, included Goan pork chorizo, caramelized onion, jalapeños, and mozzarella. Much expected, the aromatic pizza suited our pork chorizo cravings well, and we loved how gamy it was!

While all four pizzas were distinct in their variety, there were a few commonalities among them. Not chunky enough, the pizza also shared routineness in overbaking the pizza crust as a few slices from each of them overdone their job! Having said that, there is also no doubt that all four pizzas were worth trying, and what we focused more was on the fact that, within no time, these slices of pizza overpowered the work environment with rich scented flavours!

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