World Sleep Day: 11 sleep essentials that might help you sleep with ease!

While the tiring being in you can sleep quickly after getting to bed, have you ever thought of making your sleeping experience even better? If nothere are 11 sleep essentials that might come in handy for you.

Sleeping is one of those activities on the replenishing track in this fast-moving life of the cities. However, considering the health hazards likely to arise in its absence, it is high time that we prioritize sleeping over other activities when we get back home after work. We assume that sleeping becomes even more comforting when connected with these 11 sleep essentials, so have a look at them and bring home these for yourself!

1. Pillows by The Sleep Company

Have you ever wondered why you are uncomfortable sleeping at your friend’s or relatives’ places? According to us, the first and foremost important thing to consider for sound sleep is a pillow, which can also be the answer to the question. The Snowtech Adjustable Plus Pillow by The Sleep Company, which comes with snow tech cooling fabric, and the microfibre filling with adjustable thickness with Dual Tone Zipper, can provide easy comfort. On the other hand, you can try their Revlax Reversible Pillow, which consists of 100% natural latex and 1000+ air channels, and can be considered an option for comforting sleep. 

2. Silk Pillow Cases by Dame Essentials


While the pillows are essential, so are the pillowcases. We believe that silk pillowcases are one of the best covers for the pillows for a smooth sleeping experience and healthy hair too. You can go for the Prosecco Silver Case by Dame Essentials, which is comprised of pure mulberry silk and is hypoallergenic, which helps your skin breathe. Apart, these pillowcases do not create sleep creases and frizzy hair in the morning. So, check this out and sleep with ease.

3. Untamed + Globe Trotter Collection by Boutuque Living

Not only the pillows but even your bedsheets play a pivotal role in securing good sleep, and we believe that it needs to be soothing and comforting at the same time. The Untamed + Globe Trotter Collection by Boutuque Living seems to be a helping spread in this regard. These bedsheets come with pillow covers and are easy to wash and maintain. But what captured our attention the most was its natural and guilt-free cotton material. The bedsheet promises to be breathable, moisture absorbent, lightweight, cool, and crisp in its feel. So, these 100 % cotton bedsheets are also made with skin-friendly dyes that are safe for everyday use.

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4. Skin Oil, Sleeping mask and Eye cream by True Kind

You can have other essentials to ensure healthy and acne-free skin before you sleep. The Rosehip and Bakuchiol skin Perfecting Oil by True Kind can help you to rejuvenate your dull skin and combat acne. Along with this, you can go for the Bio Exfoliant Brightening Sleeping Mask, which moisturizes skin and exfoliates and refines pores, all while you sleep. 

Since we are talking about a good nap, how can we not think of eyes? The Phyto-Retinol & Peptide Eye Cream by True Kind can help you reduce puffiness and signs of fatigue around the eye area while also minimizing dark circles and fine lines. So, isn’t it a complete package of ‘sleeping with care’?

5. Knee Pillow, Zznooze roll-on, lavender oil, Magnesium Oil, and pink tea by You Care Lifestyle

Other sleep essentials you can have come from You Care Lifestyle, like UrbanBed Memory Foam Knee Pillow, whose Viscoflex memory foam ensures better air circulation and leg support. It also helps reduce back pain and promotes spine and hip alignment. Their Herb Tantra Zznooze Roll-On, made from Jojoba oil, can be used by anyone from the age group of 14-100 for improved sleep quality. Made from Jojoba oil, this ayurvedic formulation calms the body and helps you sleep better.

You can also get SatianuLavender Oil which is used for calming the mind, treating skin ailments, and nourishing hair too. Moreover, go for Thrpy and Thrpy Magnesium Oil Sleep Body Mist, which can be seen as an antidote to stress, anxiety, and headaches. You can spray it a few times to uplift your mood and soothe pains caused by overworked muscles. And if you are a tea lover? Well, then you can also go for Isvara Caffeine-free Spiced Pink Tea, the pink brew made from hibiscus petals, lavender buds, rose petals, cardamom, and cloves that are caffeine free. This au-naturel drink can be effective in calming your nerves and promoting a good night’s sleep.

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