7 places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh!

The indigenous hanging bridges in Pasighat like the Pongging hanging bridge are beautifully made and are a lifeline for the people of the village.

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places to visit in arunachal pradesh

The people of the state are celebrating their 37th foundation day and here are a few places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh if you want to adore the beauty here. 

The land of the rising sun was declared a separate state on the 20th of February 1987. Since then, every year on this day, the people here celebrate Statehood Day, remembering their liberation and adoring the beauty of their state. Since it is one of the most iconic destinations in the northeast of India, we have curated a few places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh that you shouldn't miss when you travel here.

1. Tezu 

tezu arunachal pradesh

Located amidst the scenic Mishmi Hills, Tezu is one of the most serene destinations in Arunachal. The glow lake in the Kamlang Sanctuary offers a breathtaking view of snowy mountains. Other places to visit in this town are the District Museum & Craft Center and Hawa Camp.

2. Mechuka 

mechuka arunachal pradesh

Mechuka is one of the most beautiful places in Arunachal Pradesh, but not many people know about it. The Mechuka Valley, which is referred to as the forgotten valley, is known for its picturesque beauty. The gushing rivers, Gompas, and Yarlung Army Camp are other places to visit here.

3. Mayodia

mayodia arunachal pradesh

If you love misty mountains and snowy routes, then this place is heaven for you. Mayodia is known for its snow-covered mountains and is a popular attraction during winter. The Mayodia Pass in Lower Dibang Valley offers travelers a serene view and a dream route.

4. Kibithu & Kaho

kaho village arunachal pradesh

Kibithu is a small town situated near the India-China-Myanmar tri-junction. It holds significant historical importance, as it was the site of the Indo-China War of 1962, particularly the battle of Walong. On the other hand, Kaho is reputed to be the very first village in India. Witnessing the sunrise from the mountaintops here is a breathtaking experience. If you find yourself in Arunachal Pradesh, be sure to visit these remarkable places and immerse yourself in their beauty.

5. Namsai 

namsai arunachal pradesh

If you love architectural monuments and temples, Namsai is one place in Arunachal Pradesh worth visiting. It is famous for its Golden Pagoda of Namsai, also known as Kongmu Kham. This place is the hometown of the Tai Khampti and Singpho tribes and boasts a beautiful village, Chongkham, located a few kilometers away from the town.

6. Seppa

seppa arunachal pradesh

Seppa, meaning 'marshy' lands in the local language, serves as the headquarters of the East Kameng district. Renowned for its tranquil beauty and lakes, this place is characterized by its serene atmosphere. The town's essence lies in three famous valleys: Pakke Valley, Pappu Valley, and Passa Valley.

7. Pasighat


Pasighat is a must-visit destination when you're in Arunachal Pradesh. From wildlife sanctuaries to hanging bridges, this place offers a visual feast. The indigenous hanging bridges, such as the Pongging hanging bridge, are beautifully crafted and serve as lifelines for the village residents.

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