Kamats Legacy in Bhandup serves an authentic range of South Indian delicacies!

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Kamats Legacy

Kamats Legacy brings you some authentic food dishes from the southern states of India, along with its welcoming hospitality and subtle dining space.

You might have come across various outlets of Legacy on highways on your way to Gujarat and Maharashtra that serve delicious North Indian food. But did you know that VITS Kamat Group has also started their South Indian Fine Dining Restaurant in Bhandup, Mumbai? Kamats Legacy brings to your plate an authentic range of South Indian food from 5 southern states of India. And the ambience of this place gives you a warm and welcoming vibe, as if you are having your meal at a friend's house.

Feels like home


The decor of this place is inspired by a South Indian house and is sure to give you a homely feeling as soon as you enter the place. The entire restaurant replicates an ethnic South Indian home with wooden windows, pillars, tiles, and kanjivaram sarees affixed on the walls. Not only the aura but the staff here is also very warm and welcoming. And the soft instrumental music in the background just adds up to the vibe.

Authentic Food

kamats legacy

Dosa with rasam and chutney


Three types of podis

While the ambience makes you feel comfortable, the food equally satiates your hunger with its legitimate taste. Every meal is served on a banana leaf and is super to taste. The restaurant serves food prepared in pure ghee and white butter and proper hygiene is maintained. One such delicacy that is prepared in pure ghee is Ghee Dosa, served with 3 different podis (mixed spices) milagai podi, ellu podi, and karivepaku podi. The ellu podi is a black sesame podi and you will love it if you want some crunchiness with your dosa. The karivepaku podi is for curry lovers as it tastes very similar to curry in a powdered form.


Thalappkatti Biryani

Their regular south Indian dishes, like the choice of uttapam, appam, and medu wada are tasty, but we also tried the thalappkatti biryani with annam & thakali rasam. The biryani was made of jackfruit and was filled with flavours and spices like nutmeg, garlic, and mace flower that were perfectly balanced. The rasam had a pure flavour of tomato and coconut, which nicely complemented the biryani.

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The Special Menu

Apart from the regular menu, they also occasionally host some special thalis and festival special meals. One such thali called 'create your own thali' was introduced during the new year. It had a blend of epic South Indian dishes representing the 5 southern states of India, and we were lucky to try it.

kamats legacy

create your own thali

Flavours of the Thali

The Thali had 6 types of pickles and chutneys which were all of different flavours. The manga oorugai made with mango, poondu oorugai made with garlic, narthangai oorugai made of citron, and Thakkali Thokku made with tomato were all a blend of sweet and sour pickles.

The thali had vegetables like valai phoran which had a subtle taste of raw bananas with minimum spices. Valai poo varuval was the vegetable we thoroughly enjoyed. It was made with banana flowers and yum to taste. Suraan (Elephant yam) wrapped and smoked in a banana leaf was somewhat bland in taste and we did not like it so much. All these delicacies were accompanied by puri, lemon rice, and plain rice. Paruppu payasam, which was recommended by the chef for dessert, did not fail to impress us with its luscious taste.


Pickles and vegetables

On some other occasions, special thalis like the 'Kerala Thali', which was curated by the chefs to bring the flavors of God's own country to the table, and 'Pongal Thali', which was created to celebrate the festival of harvest. You should not miss out on these specialty meals whenever they are introduced at Kamats Legacy because they are simply amazing.


To sum up, if you want to experience premium dining along with a warm welcome and a homely vibe, then this place is perfect for you.

Where: D-09, Eastern Business District, Lal Bahadur Shastri Rd, Bhandup West, Mumbai

Timings: 11 am to 11 pm

Price: ₹650 for two people (approx.)

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