These winter markets in Chandigarh know all your winter woos!

Since these winter markets in Chandigarh are all equipped with winter essentials, these do not fail you in providing a great variety of woollen, and other winter wear clothes and accessories.

The capital city of Punjab deals with extreme winter between November to February, and if you live there, you must be aware of these winter markets in Chandigarh, where you can find all sorts of winter wear to keep it warm. So, let’s take a read with us and go shopping now and before it gets too cold.

1. Sector 17 market


What better than the Sector 17 market for woollen clothes? Well, ask Chandigarh, folks! Near Neelam theatre, the market comprises a huge chunk of jackets, coats, mufflers, scarves, socks, and much more. The best part is the popular Tibetan market also decks up here during the winter months.

2. Shastri Market


If we have to call the Sarojini market of Chandigarh, it will be the popular Shastri market in Chandigarh! This market has an end number of woollen clothes, both in the stalls and the big retail shops. So, get ready to get the best of the woollen cardigans, coats and other essentials, that too, a dirt-cheap prices.

3. Patel Market


One of the best markets that can make you stylish even in the winter is Patel market of Chandigarh! Herein, you do not only find the old and common designs in winter wear but also the contemporary styles that youngsters love to carry. So, get some funky sweaters, ponchos, coats, mufflers, shawls and much more.

4. Palika Bazar


Another commonplace for winterwear is none other than the go-to Palika Bazar or Sector 19 market as it is called. The trendy and affordable clothes here in the market are all that you need this winter. So, make a list of all the essential items and take home some amazing and cool stuff like trendy and colourful sweaters, jackets and more!

5. Rehri Market


If you are yet to buy some stuff for winter, pay a visit to the famous Rehri market that offers some beautiful and affordable jackets and coats that also range from Rs. 300 to Rs. 400. If you have a jackpot, you also get some cool cardigans at just Rs. 200! So, keep an eye on the collections and bargain to get better deals!

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