Try these Lohri and Makar Sankranti recipes to add flavour to your festivities!

makar sankranti recipes

The festival of Uttrayan, Pongal, Baisakhi or Lohri is all about food and celebrations. There are a few traditions that are followed on this day and preparing lip-smacking delicacies is one of them.

Preparing food on the day of this festival is considered a tradition as well as a matter of joy in India. The spark of celebrations is about, to begin with, the very first festivals of Pongal, Baisakhi, and Makar Sankranti. There will be preparations and giggles around every Indian household. So, indulge yourself in some of the mouth-watering Lohri and Makar Sankranti recipes while you celebrate them with your loved ones.

Bhogichi Bhaji

Bhogichi Bhaji is a Maharashtrian delicacy especially prepared during the time of Makar Sankranti. It is made by simmering mixed vegetables like Potato, Carrot, Brinjal, and Green Peas in Peanuts and Sesame seeds. You can enjoy this vegetable along with rice, roti, or bhakri whatever you like.

Here is the recipe of the same by the Head Chef Sharata Kumar Das of Glocal Junction.


Potato 500 gms.
Carrot150 gms.
Brinjal200 gms.
Green Peas150 gms.
Papdi150 gms.
Green Chana (Fresh)150 gms.
White Sesame10 gms.
Drum Stick250 gms.
Onion150 gms.
Garlic100 gms.
Ginger100 gms.
Tomato250 gms.
Coconut100 gms.
Garam Masala10 gms.
Turmeric Powder10 gms.
Oil100 ml.


Peel and chop all the vegetables into perfect cubes.
Now take a saucepan, add water and a pinch of salt and boil the vegetables properly.
Once done, keep it aside to let it cool down.
While it cools down, take another saucepan.
Add the finely chopped onions, garlic, ginger, and tomato.
Cook it for 10 minutes.
Once done, add the Indian spices and let it cook for another 5 minutes.
Once done, add the boiled vegetables and let them cook for 15 minutes on medium heat and your steaming bhogichi bhaji is ready!

Vegan Jaggery Tart

Jaggery holds great importance during the time of Makar Sankranti and is included in almost every sweet delicacy. It amps up the metabolism process in your body and produces heat during chilly winters. Chef Sunil Singh has tried to give the tart a desi version of preparation. This recipe is also vegan so if you are vegan and health-conscious it is a must-try.

Here is the recipe of the same by Chef Sunil Singh of The Blue Bop Cafe

Jaggery Powder 50 gms.
Rajgira Flour 50 gms.
Almond Flour50 gms.
Cashew Nut 100 gms.
Raw Cocoa Powder65 gms.
Vanilla Essence 2 ml.
Extra Virgin Coconut Powder100 ml.
Maple Syrup50 ml.


Mix jaggery powder, rajgira flour, and almond flour with water and extra virgin coconut oil to make the tart base.
Pour the mixture into a tart tin and bake for 15 minutes at 180′ C.
Once done, keep it for cooling on racks.
In a bowl mix crushed cashew nut, raw cocoa powder, and maple syrup to make a thick batter.
Pour this mixture into a piping bag and let it cool in the fridge for 30 minutes.
Fill the tart with the mixture and garnish with raw cocoa powder.

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Multani Paneer Rara Masala

Multani Paneer Rara Masala is a recipe made with Paneer and Tomato-based Rara Masala. It is a delicious recipe with a creamy texture and a flavourful taste. This dish can be specially made during Lohri. You can accompany it with Laccha Paratha, Naan, or any other bread you like.

Here is the recipe of the same by Brand Chef Vikram Simha of Art of Dum.

Yellow Gravy Preparation


Cashew Nut Broken & Soaked 20 gms.
Khoya Grated20 gms.
Curd40 gms.
Brown Onion 20 gms.
Water80 ml.


Mix all ingredients and grind to a smooth paste and keep aside

Yellow Gravy


Oil 5 gms.
Ginger Garlic Paste10 gms.
Turmeric Powder2 gms.
Deghi Chili Powder2 gms.
Dhaniya Powder2 gms.
Salt2 gms.
Yellow Chili Powder2 gms.
Garam Masala Powder3 gms.
Tomato Puree35 gms.


Heat oil in a pan, add ginger garlic paste and saute till golden brown.
Add all the spices mix, cook it for a while & add tomato puree, cook until the raw flavor is removed.
To prevent a burn, add little water.
Add brown onion paste and cook on a slow flame.
Once the oil starts separating, add garam masala powder and remove it from the flame.
Strain the gravy and keep it at the side for cooling.

Tomato Gravy Preparation


Tomato Chopped 300 gms.
Garlic3 gms.
Ginger3 gms.
Deghi Chilly Powder3 gms.
Salt2 gms.
Sugar3 gms.
Oil5 gms.
Water50 ml.


Heat Oil in a pan and add ginger and garlic.
Cook for a while.
Add tomato and the rest of the ingredients
Cook until the raw flavor is gone.
Keep aside for cooling then blend it.
Strain and keep aside.

Stuffed Paneer Preparation


Processed Cheese Grated 40 gms.
Cashew Paste40 gms.
Mawa20 gms.
White Pepper Powder2 gms.

Stuffed Paneer

Paneer Cube 250 gms.
Boiled Potato Grated40 gms.
Processed Cheese Grated20 gms.
Deghi Mirch2 gms.
Tomato Ketchup10 gms.
Salt3 gms.
White Pepper Powder2 gms.


For marination mix all ingredients and keep them in a cool place.
Cut the paneer into a cube shape and give a slit to fill the stuffing.
In a mixing bowl add all the ingredients to make a smooth dough.
With a help of a spoon or knife stuff the paneer.
Marinate the paneer and keep it in a fridge.

Rara Masala


Butter5 gms.
Ginger Garlic Paste5 gms.
Tomato Sauce100 gms.
Tomato Gravy15 gms.
Brown Onion Paste5 gms.
Coriander Powder2 gms.
Black Pepper Powder1 gms.
Kasuri Methi2 gms.
Deghi Mirch Powder2 gms.
Sugar2 gms.
Yellow Gravy15 gms.
Cashew Paste5 gms.
Fresh Cream8 gms.


Heat butter in a pan, add ginger garlic paste, and cook well.
Add sliced tomato and cook for some time.
Once the tomato is slightly cooked add brown onion and tomato gravy.
While cooking adds all the spices and cooks further.
Once the raw taste of the tomato is gone add yellow gravy and cashew paste and cook for a while.
Finish with sugar and check the seasoning for the gravy to be thick and slightly sweet, sour, and spicy.

Multani Paneer Rara Masala


Take out paneer and chargrilled or pan grilled.
Once slightly brown, keep it aside.
Heat the pan add rara masala, and reheat.
Add paneer and cook on a slow flame.
check the seasoning finish with cream.
Serve with cheese nan or ajwain laccha paratha

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