7 places to see cherry blossoms in India

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7 places to see cherry blossoms in India

The season of pink heaven is just around the corner and you can witness it in India this time. Here's where you can watch and enjoy the season of cherry blossoms in India this winter or the following spring season.

It's here! The season of cherry blossoms, or as the Japanese call it, 'The Sakura'. Now, traditionally this season is equated with Japan but you don’t have to go to Japan to witness the serenity of these trees. India, home to many diversities, is also home to the lush season of cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom in India can be found all over the country’s geographical vastness. And here are 5 places in India to witness this year's cherry blossom season.

 1. Khangchendzonga National Park, Sikkim

The Khangchendzonga National Park is home to cherry blossom trees


The Khangchendzonga National Park, a bio reserve in the north of the state, is home to cherry blossom trees. The hills of Sikkim and the beautiful cherry blossoms enhance the beauty of the Sikkim valley. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom during November. Though the blushing beauty lasts for a brief time, the best place to catch it is at Temi Tea Estate. 

2. Shillong, Meghalaya

International Cherry blossom festival in Shillong, Meghalaya


The quiet and peaceful city of Shillong Meghalaya becomes a land of cherry blossom paradise in November and December. Shillong is known as India's cherry blossom hub. The whole town is covered with lush and fragrant cherry blossoms, so much so that even the sky looks pink. In November, the city also hosts the International Cherry Blossom festival.

3. Kohima, Nagaland

Cherry Blossom in India. Kohima, Nagaland


Meghalaya's sister state Nagaland is also the home of cherry blossoms. The capital city Kohima and the tourist destination Dzukou valley are famous for their picturesque location and lush cherry blossom trees. The cherry blossom trees in the valley in the backdrop of clear sky-blue skies are a pleasing and charming sight for your eyes.

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 4. Shimla, Himachal Pradesh

Cherry Blossom in India, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh


Shimla might be famous for its hill stations and snowy hills during the winter season, but on the set of the spring season, various colors of cherry blossoms adorn the valleys of Shimla. Head to Mashobra, a small village that promises you a cherry blossom extravaganza. You can catch this season in Shimla during March and April.

5. Bangalore, Karnataka

Bangalore. Karnataka. Cherry Blossom in India.


Bengaluru, the city of lakes during March, transforms into a town of pink blossoms. The city's iconic parks and roads are filled with tabebuia bloom blossoms, bathed in a pink hue, looking like an out-of-town Japanese city. You can take a long walk alongside these blossom trees and bask in the sun or sit in the pink shade of the trees. The best places to witness the beauty of cherry blossoms are Cubbon Park and Benniganahalli lake.

6. Mumbai, Maharashtra



If you are living in Mumbai, you don't have to go very far to witness the beauty of cherry blossom trees. Every year from January to March, Mumbaikars can witness this pink marvel. All you have to do is drive or walk along the Vikhroli stretch of the Eastern Express Highway. The stretch is carpeted with breathtaking pink trumpet cherry blossom trees, mesmerizing each passerby. The trees planted by the civic authority of Mumbai are a visual treat for all Mumbaikars.

7. Gulmarg Valley, Jammu and Kashmir



The state of Jammu and Kashmir is often called paradise on earth. The land becomes even more heavenly when the season of cherry blossom knocks on its doors. During March and April, as the snow melts, the valley is adorned with pink cherry blossoms. The color of the rainbows replaces the color white, as the warm spring season takes over the chilling winters. You can explore the diverse culture of Jammu and Kashmir while relishing its natural beauty. Explore this season in the valleys of Gulmarg, Kashmir.

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