Order sugar free sweets online and satiate your mithai cravings!

Say hello to a healthy sweet tooth by getting your hands on these sugar-free sweets online.

If it’s diabetes or anything else that is stopping you from eating your favourite sweets, then here’s something that will definitely make your day. We have curated a list of homegrown brands that are offering sugar-free sweets to help you indulge in a guilt-free experience.

1. Almond, Cashew, Choco, Super seed Bites from Magic Leave


Fix your post-lunch sweet craving with these bite-sized sweets that are sweetened by Stevia, an all-natural, zero-calorie sweetener that the brand claims to have grown in the Himalayas. Get an assorted box of almonds, choco, cashew, and super seed bites, as they also contain prebiotic dietary fibers that promote the growth of beneficial bacteria and improve symptoms of diabetes.

Price: Rs.571 ( 250 gms)

2. Milk Cake from Jhama Sweets


Who doesn’t love milk cakes? Well, if this is your all-time favourite, then get your hands on some healthy and diabetes-friendly milk cakes from Jhama Sweets. Made with milk, sugar-free liquid, and silver leaves, these milk cakes are available in a box of 400 gm and have a shelf life of 5 days.

Price: Rs.390 (400 gms)

3. Dark Chocolate from A Diabetic Chef


If it’s chocolates that you just can’t resist, here’s a local brand that will help you out. A Diabetic Chef offers a range of different chocolates that are made with west African cocoa beans and sweetened with sugar substitute stevia and maltitol. Go grab your bite if you are a chocolate freak.

Price: Rs.230 (40 gms)

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4. Almond Katli from Healthy Mithai Co.

sugar free sweets

These almond Katlis are made with Stevia, almond flour, almond, and saffron, and they look drooling!! Treat yourself to this healthy version of Katli from Healthy Mithai Co. and enjoy a healthy sugar rush.

Price: Rs.1,499 (800 gms)

5. Peanut Chikki from Ritucharya

sugar free sweets
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Chikkis are fun to eat, and we’ve been eating them since our childhood. Bring back this nostalgia in a guilt-free manner and order these peanut chikkis from Ritucharya. Made with natural Sweeteners, dietary fiber, and low GI(glycemic index), these are a must-try if you love chikkis.

6. Rasgulla from Snackible

sugar free sweets

Eating even just one Rasgulla can take your tastebuds and soul to heaven, they say :D. And we think it’s true because the kind of sugar rush rasgullas offers are beyond anything. If eating rasgullas is your weakness, order a pack of these sugar-free rasgullas from Snackible, which are sweetened with Stevia Glycoside, Maltitol, and Sorbitol which reduces the rise in blood glucose.

Price: Rs.600 (700 gms)

7. Cookies from Butterfly Ayurveda

sugar free sweets

Made with Coconut Palm Sugar, which has a low glycemic index and is less likely to cause blood sugar to spike, these cookies are a good alternative to your sugar-packed ones and also contain gram & barley flour which are again beneficial for Diabetes. Get these as your evening snack and enjoy them without risking your health.

Price: Rs.540 (pack of 2)

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