All Saints in Khar, Mumbai screams a good vibe and serves delectable food & drinks!

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All Saints in Khar, Mumbai screams a good vibe and serves delectable food & drinks!

This newly launched modern all-day kitchen and bar in Khar, Mumbai offers some really good food and mocktails and is a great place for fabulous dining or a fun night out.

Mumbaikars, if you are anywhere near Khar, you have to check this place out. Located at Swami Vivekananda Rd, All Saints, Mumbai is a contemporary and elegant all-day kitchen & bar that makes sure that you enjoy a meal packed with flavours and get lost in the vibe. Featuring white hues, indoor plants, mellow furnishings, cozy seating, and great music, this place can be your go-to place. The open seating area is perfect for a relaxing meal, while the indoor seating would make you want to shake off your worries with high energy music. We were at this gorgeous greek themed place last week and here's what you should order if you are planning to visit the same.


If you are team sushis, try the super crispy Avocado Tempura roll, which we just couldn't stop eating. The tempura was done so nicely and the rice was perfectly chewy. Even if you prefer non-veg sushi, give this one a bite because the taste was pretty addicting. Non-vegetarians can order Chicken Gyozas which were loaded with grounded chicken filling and were too good. However, the gyozas weren't crispy and that's the only thing we felt was lacking.

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After relishing the appetizers, we then ordered Mumbai Style Tikka Flatbread. This veg paneer pizza had a perfect thin crust but was way too spicy for our palate, thanks to the generous amount of green chillies on top. Also, the paneer didn't have much of a tikka flavour and so this pizza won't be something we'll be ordering next time.

We had high expectation from their pasta menu, and being a fan of green sauce, we ordered their Penne Al Pesto. Creamy, gooey, rich, and thick, this pot of pasta was delectable. On the request of the staff, we also tried their Pan Fried Noodles in Chilli bean sauce, and glad that we did. The noodles were chewy, veggies crispy, and this entire dish felt like a warm hug. This was our favourite and we highly recommend it.

Dessert and Mocktails

Giving special mentions to the dessert and mocktails we tried here because they were simply fabulous. The Vanilla biscoff cheesecake was an absolute delight. A must-try even if you are not much into sweets. The creamy flavour and the right amount of sweetness, makes it worth trying. From the mocktails, Elder Springs and Summer Fizz were our favourite and we are definitely sipping them again.

Our Food Note

In a nutshell All Saints is beautiful and delectable. The decor and the ambience make it look like a peaceful and romantic place, but the type of music that's played here changes the game. For us, the vibe of the place did not match the decor and so if you are planning for a romantic meal, pick the outside seating. The staff is also very sweet and makes the experience even better.

Where: Plot - 757, Swami Vivekananda Rd, Khar, Khar West, Mumbai.

When: 12noon – 12noon

Price: Rs.1,000 for two

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