Check out these ideas to celebrate Children’s Day and have fun with your kids this day!

This Children’s Day, plan something exciting for your kids and make them happy with your presence! Have a look at these ideas to celebrate Children’s Day and make the best of this day!

Chacha Nehru’s birthday on November 14 is, indeed, the most wonderful time for children as they get a holiday from their schools! While it is important to help them understand the significance of this day, it would be a nice gesture from your end to plan a fun day for them. But if you are confused as to how to go ahead, check out the ideas to celebrate children’s day with your kids and plan at least one for them!

1. Visit amusement parks


If you think nothing can make your children happy than visiting an amusement park full of enthralling rides and sports, you know you have hit a jackpot idea. This Children’s day, go on rides, swing with them, jump into the pool in a water park or go for other adventurous activities in the parks, like trekking and hiking!

2. Picnics are a go-to option

If not amusement parks, make a plan with your family and take your kids to a picnic spot. Bring in the ingredients to make food on the spot, take football or rackets to play with them, and have fun in a sightseeing location.

3. Malls – not a bad idea


Another best outdoor activity can be going to a nearby mall where you can let them shop as per their choice. In fact, various malls organize fun activities on Children’s Day in which your kids can participate. You can also go bowling and gaming with your kids at the mall!

4. Dance with them


Kids love to dance to the beats and the tunes, even if they don’t understand the music! If your kid is one of them, organize a dance party at your home and call your kid’s friends so that all of them can dance together and have a happy time!

5. Recreate Disney World


If you are planning something indoors, another option for you is to host a Disney party where kids can become their favourite Disney characters as they like. You can easily rent the costumes from various shops and take those home for your kids and their friends!

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6. Bake with them


We think your kids would love chocolate cakes, especially when they make them with you! So, get ready to check out some good YouTube videos and get started with purchasing the ingredients, and engage your kids to have a fun baking session!

7. Gaming is a way


Since you have already planned an indoor activity, spare time for your kids and play those video games with them that your kids love too! You can also plan for board games with them, like ludo, chess, business cards, and more. If not this, plan something exciting like a treasure hunt for them inside the house!

8. On the musical notes


If you and your kids love to sing and can play musical instruments too, your plan is sorted with a music session! Sing and play the instruments with them and help them learn too! If not this, just play games like musical chairs, singing games, etc.

9. Watch time with movies


The next best option is to watch their favourite movies together. They might love to watch animated movies or series, and you can arrange the same for them! Sitting on the couch together, watching a movie while eating popcorn, could never be a bad idea!

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