Head to Flax in BKC Mumbai for a quick and healthy binge on-the-go!

Determined about your health goals and still craving good food? Head to Flax in BKC for a quick healthy bite to keep your cravings satisfied!

Let’s be honest, we all have tried to maintain a diet and miserably failed at it. Some excuse comes up and spoils your determination, making you cave into your cravings. What if we told you, there is a place that offers healthier alternatives to your nutritious desires? Flax at Jio World BKC is your place to indulge in healthy food with delicately crafted recipes.

Flax and its dishes

The Flax menu is created to serve fresh and healthy food options. The restaurant claims all their stock is brought in fresh every day. Skipping the traditional way, Flax sources vegetables prepared from the Hydroponic farming method, which uses nutrient-rich water instead of soil to support the growth of vegetables. These vegetables remain fresh for approximately 72 hours, they claim.

Flax Healthy

One of the dishes we tried at Flax was their Paneer Shawarma Bowl. The Bowl came with various elements placed in an aesthetic arrangement. Sauteed Paneer served with Roasted Garlic hummus, roasted potato wedges, vegetables, Ragi chips, chickpea salad, Tahini sauce, and drizzled with Flax seeds. The Tahini sauce was a bit on the sweet side, recommended for those who prefer a sweet balance to their lunch. Lightly seasoned, the sauteed paneer was a good match with the garlic hummus. The veggies were fresh with every bite, and the ragi chips were crisp and light.

Flax Healthy

The grilled chicken wrap was a soft Tortilla wrap that posed as a blanket for grilled chicken pieces, along with fresh veggies and more. The wrap was light and not very heavy on the tummy. The garlic hummus served on the side accompanied the wrap very well. The chicken was soft and tender, and the wrap was perfect for one person.

Flax Healthy

The hummus and chicken wrap was a whole wheat tortilla bread with grilled chicken and veggies. The wrap came along with hummus on the side. It was a little heavy, ideal for someone looking for a quick and filling lunch alternative. Crafted delicately, the wrap and the vegetables remained fresh and crunchy. The wrap was slightly overfilled with vegetables, supporting the “healthy eating” concept.

Other recommendations on the Menu

The restaurant also serves healthy desserts on its menu. A highly recommended dessert by customers and the staff at Flax was the Flourless Almond Cake. The cake is Sugar-free and Ketogenic, making it a healthier alternative for your sweet tooth cravings. 

Where: Jio World in BKC.
Price: Rs.1,000 for two.

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