Durgotsab begins: Take note of these Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata and get ready to visit!

Kolkata, the city of joy, hosts several pandals for Durga Puja, but a few Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata set an example every year with its thought, theme, and decorations! So, check these out in advance!

The streets of Kolkata have already been filled with joy as, after two years, the city’s residents will worship goddess Durga with the same energy as before. Hence, if you are in Kolkata, we suggest you must visit these Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata and do not miss out on this cultural experience!

1. Young Boys Club


Located in central Kolkata, this pandal has been hosting Durga Puja since 1970! This year will be different for the patrons as goddess Durga will be brought to pandal on a ‘Mayurpankhi Nouka’ or peacock boat. This is because such arrival is expected to foretell a good harvest, and heavy rain.

2. Bidhan Sarani Atlas Club


This north-Kolkata pandal is winning the hearts of the patrons in Kolkata for making the pandal pet friendly. With the theme, ‘Shelter for pets,’ the ‘asur’ idol here has been replaced with two stray dogs who can be seen sitting at the feet of goddess Durga. As the ‘asur’ can be seen riding a motorcycle and crushing the puppies under the wheel, those two stray dogs are praying for shelter from maa Durga. Isn’t the thought just excellent?

3. Shreebhoomi Sporting Club


Another puja pandal that must not be missed is the Shreebhoomi Sporting Club of Kolkata. The club has created a Vatican-styled pandal this year! Designed after the Holy Vatican city, this pandal has become the most awaited one this year and will be open to the public on September 25!

4. Bagbazaar Sarbojonin Durgostab


One of the most popular pandals existing since 1919 has a special place in the hearts of the city dwellers. Not only is the pandal famous for its giant Durga idol but also for organizing an extravagant fair during this time. Expect some larger-than-life rides for children and adults here!

5. Santosh Mitra Square pandal


For the last 87 years, Santosh Mitra Square pandal has been receiving applause from the residents for its themes and decorations during the 10-day long affair. Although the pandal has not been revealed this year, Kolkata residents have been keeping an eye on it.

6. Bandhumahal Club


People from all across the country visit the Bandhumahal Club during the auspicious occasion of Durga Pooja for its various programs held each day, the fair, and the Durga’s idol! Last year, the idol was embellished with an eye made of gold. Hence, people are eagerly waiting for the opening of the pandal this year!

7. Ekdalia Evergreen Durga Puja Pandal


It’s an unwritten tradition at Ekdalia Evergreen Club’s pandal to create a massive and artistic pandal with a lot of vibrancy every year! Although the pandal is currently under making this year, the patrons are hoping to see something appealing coming out of the pandal!

8. Kumartuli Park


This pandal attracts thousands of visitors every year. Based in the North part of Kolkata, it is preferred by the residents living in diverse parts of the city! Since the area of this pandal also includes many other pandals, one can see the end number of sculptors making the idol of Durga, and the whole street has its own charming vibe!

9. College Square


Amongst many crowd pullers is the one named College Square Pandal! It is much famous for its grand decorations and fantastic lighting. People, who are going to the site now, are witnessing the massive construction for this year too, and we are sure the pandal, existing since 1948, will again entice the people of Kolkata!

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