#ClickClick! Check these wedding photographers in Jodhpur to make your special day even special!

wedding photographers in Jodhpur

Your wedding album must be special and should have all the candids and intimate moments from the day. These wedding photographers in Jodhpur will capture all such special moments for you and will help you keep the memories alive for the rest of your life!

Love makes all things easy and creates memories that we always end up cherishing. It’s beautiful to be in love and even more beautiful to get captured while you look at each other with warmth, passion, and a smile. If you two are planning to make your bond stronger and get married soon to make more memories, then choose someone who can make them shine. Have a look at the work of these wedding photographers in Jodhpur who will capture the ‘Love’ you have for each other.

1. Shubh Kala

Rahul makes sure that you are ‘In The Moment’ as his work captures the most intimate moments of the wedding. Couples gazing at each other, family members enjoying the rituals, and many more happy shots make his feed bliss. Check his work to see cute couples, happy families, and some great clicks.

Contact: 092144 12608

2. Filmography wed

Their bio says, ” Photography is the story we fail to put into words.” Maybe that’s why there’s a story in almost all their shots. From breathtaking close-up shots to beautiful photography of Shaadi rituals, Filmography captures everything one needs in their wedding album. Do check their work if you are looking for someone who can do couple shots, pre-wedding, wedding shoots, and post-wedding shoots.

Contact: 093513 52835

3. Sanjay Studio Photography

We love how Sanjay Studio captures the candids and how gorgeous they make people look. The cinematic videos are processed in a skilled way, and we love how they add transitions to them. Check their fabulous work to see what we are saying.

Contact: 919414127682

4. Rahul Studio

Rahul is another talented wedding photographer who knows his job very well. From cute poses to happy rituals to candid photography, his work makes us happy. There’s a royal as well as the fun vibe that his wedding portfolio offers, and we are totally up for that.

Contact: +919799988809, +919982233433

5. Vinayak Studio

Vinayak Studio does wedding shoots, events, and product photography. Their feed is a happy mix of all three, and even though all their work looks great, pictures of couples have stolen our hearts. It’s cute, intimate, and pretty all at once. Do check their black and white photos, as they are just gorgeous.

Contact:  094144 75205

6. Khachakk studios

Khachakk Studio specializes in wedding photography, cinematic wedding/pre-wedding films, & couple portrait shoots and have done more than 200 weddings to date. The elements of light, fog, and colours that the team adds to the photos are mesmerizing and give out a magical and enchanting vibe. Do check their work if you want to make your album look like a fairytale.

Contact: 078779 88893

7. PK Photography

We love PK photography for its cool editing, candid shots, and aesthetic vibe. He does know how to use simple things as great props and the result looks amazing. We’ll suggest you scroll through his feed to see some awesome wedding and pre-wedding photoshoots.

Contact: 9521393555

8. Krishna Production

Govind Kumar’s way of capturing wedding accessories will add a lot of aesthetics to your wedding album. Another highlight of his work is that everybody looks at their best and has the widest smile. His feed is another happy, warm, and aesthetic place to be, and he is definitely one of the best photographers in Jodhpur.

Contact: 9784269096

9. Crafting Emotions

True to the name of his page, Piyush Tanpure is crafting emotions in beautiful ways. With 11 years of experience in the field, Piyush Tanpure is a pro when it comes to capturing people in unique ways. Do check his work before you finalize someone, as he is one of the talented wedding photographers in Jodhpur.

Contact: 088288 37727

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