Shamnirmal Cha Shrimant Pandal in Malad creates Ganpati with Swiss waffles

After the netizens drooled over the “Pushpa” and “RRR Ganpati,” the Ganpati with Swiss waffles is receiving applause on the internet. Our team visited the pandal in Malad and brought out glimpses.

Mumbai has been drenched in not just rains but also in the devotion of Ganpati as the celebrations have made their way back to the city after two years. At such a time, almost all pandals in Mumbai are trying something new this time. Such was the motive of Shamnirmal Cha Shrimant Pandal of Malad west which has been making unique idols for the last 25 years and made Ganpati with Swiss waffles this year.

While the pandal always aims to distinguish their Ganpati idol from that of others in the city, this time, they have not only surprised other pandals but also devotees who are going to visit Shamnirmal Cha Shrimant Pandal. Upon entrance, the loud music dedicated to Lord Ganesha and the uniquely made idol welcome you inside.

Our team went ahead and talked to the organizers and was amazed to know that they have also made “Panipuri” and “Jalebi Fafda” themed Ganesh idols in the past. On asked whether they always make food-related idols, the organizers highlighted how they never fixate on one theme and keep experimenting. As a matter of fact, the organizers had created a “Pubg Ganpati” in 2019, after which COVID-19 disrupted the festivities.

While the pandal celebrated the festival in a lighter mode for the last two years, they did not keep a peculiar theme. This year, 2022, they came up with a new idea of making a Swiss waffle Ganpati. “It is we, the people associated with the pandal, who decide the theme every year,” one of the members said.

The idol of Ganpati has been decked up with waffles that they sourced from a Swiss waffles shop in Mahavir Nagar, and it took them a total of five days and nights to complete the idol. The crown or mukut is made from conicles and their body is made from Nutella and vanilla waffles. Moreover, Ganpati’s dhoti has been made of pancakes and based on square waffles. Most amazingly, Ganpati’s idol can be seen drinking cold cocoa!

Talking about the functions at the pandal, one of the Pandal members said they host live performances of those children who want to perform, and even this year, a few children will perform from 8 p.m. onwards. Adding to it, he also mentioned that the pandal is organizing a “Golmal show,” aiming to raise awareness about the negative impact of using phones. “We intend to show how mobile radiation affects us through the show,” another member added.

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